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Stone Wash - Half Pipes


Half pipe, all style. These loose and comfortable jeans for women are totally wild.

Comfort shouldn’t mean wearing a track suit out in public. Aside from the fact that track suits straddle the fine line of being socially acceptable and a valid reason to be burned at the stake, this isn’t Soviet Russia. Ditch your ratty, communist gear for stylish, relaxing stone wash half-pipes. With a 23-inch wide leg opening, you will get the authentic JNCO look fashionistas have always loved in a comfortable feel.

 Never before has good fashion sense and comfort been combined in such a successful way. This may be the greatest combination since peanut butter and jam. It’s a synergy of everything that makes sense in the world, a major breakthrough in the comfort lexicon, a gift from the heavens. WE AREN’T WORTHY!

12oz denim, 100 percent cotton, a JNCO embroidered logo on rear pocket—what more could you ask for?  These sacred half pipes come in men’s sizes because comfort is so much more a priority for our male counterparts… they don’t know what it’s like! Please order accordingly.

  • 23 inch leg opening
  • 12oz denim
  • 100% cotton
  • JNCO logo patch embroidered on back pocket
  • Note: Men's sizes

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