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Slacker Tee- White


This slacker tee is the perfect embodiment of your typical JNCO fan fresh off work. Hop into your comfiest chair with your baggiest clothes and just chill. 

It’s like a testament to the good old days when there wasn't a care in the world except when you were going to get baggier jeans. Am I right? What better way to pay tribute then to combine them all into one sick T-shirt. A retro recliner with a JNCO dad cap and some signature baggy JNCO jeans what else could you ask for? Nothing. That's exactly what we said too.

This shirt only comes in a crisp white and heather gray to be sure you stand out wherever you are. Whether you’re out there skatin' and ravin' or just at home chillin’, the Slacker Tee is perfect for any occasion.

You're sure to look slick in this classic fit short sleeve crew neck. This tee features 100% cotton and all printing/embellishments were done right here in America. How's that for patriotic? Be sure to check our sizing guide to make sure all your gear is baggy in just the right places.

  • Printed in USA
  • 100% Cotton
  • Short sleeve
  • JNCO Slacker in front
  • Crew neck
  • Classic fit
  • Model is wearing a Medium

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*measurements are in inches

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