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Ruched Bomber Jacket- Olive


 Have you ever found yourself in a hurry to run out the door but once you get to the hall closet you stop and hesitate? What jacket am I going to wear?

Do I have a good option for what I’m wearing and what I’m going to be doing? Suddenly you’re questioning your entire outfit and wondering if you should even go out all because you don’t know what jacket to wear. Do not let this happen to you ever again! JNCO wants you to look and feel amazing which is why we give you the Ruched Bomber Jacket in the ever sought after olive colour. Whatever you’re wearing, wherever your destination this jacket will ensure you look good and feel good.

The woven material allows for breathability but the 100% polyester make up of the jacket ensures you will be toasty warm. As long as you aren’t having lunch in the arctic circle, we’d recommend something a bit warmer than the Ruched Bomber Jacket in that case.

This jacket is especially handy if you are going bike riding or skateboarding because of the perfectly positioned pockets. Place your important cards or cell phone in the zipped arm pocket and keep your snacks or pocket change in your angled side pockets. 

  • 100% polyester shell and lining
  • Machine wash cold
  • Please Note: Junior Sizes

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