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JNCO Spray Tee- White


Cause a stir. Cause a ruckus. We’re sure not going to stop you! May your style be as fresh as your tagging.

From Grandmaster Flash to Color Me Badd, the nineties were so packed of daring styles and bold colours, that this one is a must for anyone craving the good ol’ days. Graffiti was not just a hobby but a lifestyle and one of the key elements of Hip-Hop and street style. This JNCO Spray Tee embodies everything we love about the grungy skater style our kids will never get a hang of: it’s anything but boring, the art on it is sick and it makes a statement that only the cool kids will ever understand.

Put this oldie but goodie on, open a cold drink, lean back in your comfy chair and remember the times when you used to tag your rebellion all over L.A. Feel the adrenalin of getting exposed all over again and maybe you’ll even grab a spray can and the old gang to hit the pavement one more time? Heck yes. All the power to you. With this one it’s clear where your fashion sense lies and there is no shame.

Our JNCO crew lives and breathes the classic graffiti swag and loves wearing a bright full-on statement tee. You want to hit the road and pay tribute to your own inner graffiti artist? The JNCO Spray Tee is the fresh, sleek style you’ve been waiting for. Throw it on, get artsy, grab your homies and get into the game once again. The SoCal street style respect will undoubtedly be all yours. Check that, v-neck conformists!

  • Printed in USA
  • 100% Cotton
  • Short sleeve
  • JNCO spray can in front
  • Crew neck
  • Classic fit
  • Model is wearing a Medium

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