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Parka - Drab Hooded- Black


Look cool, but feel toasty warm in this classic nylon parka. You'll be ready for whatever winter throws at you, and look certifiably fresh until the spring thaw.

It’s a tad bit chilly out. Do you opt for freezing to death to maintain a cool persona in your shell jacket or do you give in to the puffy, awkwardness of your old winter wear? Maintain your dignity, women! Refuse to submit to poor fashion choices! At JNCO we’ve experienced that weak feeling in the knees knowing you have nothing to prepare yourself for this weather to pull off an appearance where you don’t look like a bloated walrus. History tells us that the coolest folk wore bearskin coats in frigid temperatures, but now there’s JNCO hooded parkas—an easier alternative accompanied with the same vibe.

In this classic custom JNCO drawstring parka, you will be ready for whatever winter throws at you all while still looking super fresh, without having to enter a wrestling ring with a 900-pound grizzly. Buttons and zip fasteners allow for quick dressing while maintaining a cool look. Front pockets are designed extra spacious to be roomy for those big woolly mittens Grandma knitted you. Thanks Gram! The Parka is made from 100 percent nylon with polyester fill to keep it lightweight yet toasty. So order one today to keep warm and JNCO fresh until spring thaw— or start boxing training like Rocky for that bear… Eye of the tiger right!?

  • Hooded parka with removable bottom kicker panel
  • 100% Nylon with Polyester fill
  • Button and zip fasteners
  • Custom JNCO signature drawstring
  • Roomy front pockets
  • JNCO graphic on back
  • Imported
  • Please Note:  Men's Sizes
  • Model is wearing a Small

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