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Burner Pullover Hoodie-Black


Inspired by bold SoCal graffiti, this warm and cozy hoodie has it all. 

Take a drive through LA. From underpasses to abandoned factories to alley walls, train cars to fences to concrete posts, each and every surface is a canvas for the adventurous and expressive graffiti artist. Some people see nothing but a menace, a blight on the modern city, and imperfection to be routed out. We see art, and we’re proud to represent the expression of SoCal in whatever small way.

In graffiti speak, a burner is a large, elaborate piece that takes an extended period or multiple sessions to complete. Unlike tags, burners take time, effort, and guts because of the risk of exposure. That’s the kind of dedication to one’s craft we admire here at JNCO. Our Burner Pullover Hoodie is a tribute to the trailblazers who gave SoCal its vibrant character.

Printed right here in the US, the Burner Pullover Hoodie is a cotton/polyester blend of medium-weight fleece, comfortable no matter the season. The JNCO graphic on the front is designed by LA’s 80s and 90s burner art scene.

This is an homage to Chaka and Eklips. GKAE and Krush. Soon and Retna. This one’s for you.

  • Printing/embellishments are done locally in the US
  • 80% Cotton / 20% Polyester Medium-weight fleece
  • Pullover hoodie
  • Graffiti graphic on front
  • Model is wearing a Medium

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*measurements are in inches

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