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Burner Tee-Black


Rep the SoCal graffiti scene wherever you are in the world with this striking classic black tee. Pairs well with any style of JNCO baggy jeans.

Tagging, the act of writing your street name with spray paint or markers wherever you see fit, is one of the most maligned and misunderstood forms of self-expression. And it has been since the nineties. When really, it’s the best and most direct way for young artists to earn the respect of their peers through nothing but their own hard work. Unlike tags, burners take time, effort, and guts because of the risk of exposure. That’s the kind of dedication to one’s craft we admire here at JNCO.

The streets of Cali are full of them and, let’s admit it, artist or not, we’ve all gone through the time of self-expression and societal rebellion when our best buddy was the spray can. JNCO’s Burner Tee pays tribute to exactly that. Our non-conformist street lifestyle that hasn’t aged a day!

Put this beauty on, get back into your nineties street crew spirit and maybe learn some new tricks. Our JNCO gang knows the difference between wearing classic black swag and wearing a full-on statement tee. You want to make some noise and pay tribute to your graffiti homies? The JNCO Burner Tee is what you’ve been waiting for. Throw it on, add your favorite kicks, grab your board and hit the streets once again. The SoCal fashion respect will undoubtedly be yours. Tag that, buddy.

  • Short Sleeve
  • Crew neck
  • 100% Cotton
  • JNCO Burner logo
  • Printed in USA

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