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Kangaroo Tee- White


If you're going to step into the ring, your style game better be on point. This bold graphic tee with attitude fits the bill.

This Roo is ready to take on anything! You sure you are? As one of our crew’s personal favorites, this one has a special place in our hearts. And on our men’s collection forever-hit-list. The Kangaroo prints are a tribute to the hang-loose lifestyle of SoCal; spending the afternoon cruising the boardwalk and getting at some new tricks at the skate park. Take it all on with attitude and the fighting spirit of Roo up your sleeve. Ahem, on your chest.

Made of 100% cotton is what gives this no-fuss printed tee it’s unbeatable feel-good layer that’ll keep you happy all day long. Slip into this one, and you won't want to take it off again. Add this signature pullover to your collection and get ready for the one-two punch from Roo!  

Not sure the Kangaroo is your perfect mascot? Here are a few fun facts that highlight its qualifications as your SoCal buddy:

  • Usually, 20 mph (32 kph) is considered their cruising speed. Just like yours.
  • Kangaroos are social and live in groups called a mob, a herd or a troop. Bingo.
  • Kangaroos in a mob will protect each other from danger. Bro-style.
  • If a kangaroo suspects there is danger in the area, it will stomp its foot on the ground to alert others. Hello, ravers!
  • If it comes to blows, a kangaroo will box and kick its opponent. That’s right.

Got it now? This loose and comfortable gray hoodie says "Don't mess with me!”. So slip that on and walk the walk.

  • Printed in USA
  • 100% Cotton
  • Crew neck
  • Screen printed logo on front
  • Model is wearing a Medium

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*measurements are in inches

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