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J Snapback-Red


The perfect hat can be hard to find. But with the J Snap-Back hat, it’s hard to find anything to complain about. A sleek looking hat made of 70/30 cotton/wool, the J-Snap Back gives you both comfort and style in one.

With the washed out grey background and red accents this hat can be worn almost anywhere. Maybe consider taking it off for your great aunt Pearl’s funeral, but other than that it’s a show stopper for anywhere else.

The snap back style means it will fit any size head, small or large. Hey, we won’t judge you by the size of your head if you don’t judge us by the size of our jeans! It’s versatile is what we’re saying. This hat can be picked up and worn by anyone. Maybe give one to your grandpa for his birthday and see how he likes sporting JNCO clothing.

The adjustable nature of the J Snap-Back hat is perfect for all of your hat wearing needs. When you’re boarding you may need it a bit tighter so you don’t lose it on the half pipe, but when you’re just hanging out with friends feel free to loosen it off and sit back and relax with it. It’s your hat, you can wear it how you want! JNCO gives you all the options, you set the style.

  • 70/30 Cotton/Wool
  • Snapback (One Size Fits All)
  • Raised J Embroidery
  • Available in heather red or heather black

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