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Hooded Bomber Jacket- Khaki


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Sometimes the perfect jacket is difficult to find. Well we think that the perfect jacket is difficult to find, but all of the challenge has just been taken out of the task. Because here it is: the Hooded Bomber Jacket.

We think it looks best in Khaki so that's the colour we made it in. It's crazy warm and super baggy, which is how we know you like your clothes!

The black mock drawstring hoodie underlay gives you the benefit of a hood with the contrast in materials and in color. This jacket is perfect for the winter to spring transition time and oh look at that, it's on sale, aren't we so kind. There's plenty of room for however many or however few layers you feel like stuffing into this jacket

Another thing you may have noticed we are crazy about here at JNCO is pockets. And yes this hooded bomber jacket has plenty of them. Some on the inside, some on the outside, maybe some we don't even know about! Well no.. not likely, but there are a lot of pockets.

We recognize that this coat will be special to you, kind of like our mom is special to us, so we urge you to dry clean this product. We also think you should take your mom out for dinner as often as possible. 

  • 100% polyester shell and lining
  • Machine wash cold
  • Please Note: Junior Sizes
  • Model is wearing size small

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