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What are 90s jeans?

Think of 90s jeans, and a few classic styles probably pop into your head right away. First, there’s the tight, high-waisted, acid-washed jeans of the early 90s, made iconic on TV shows like Beverly Hills 90210. Then there are grunge jeans, tattered and torn in all the right places, but still not straying too far from tradition. Of course, you can’t forget classic blue jeans that never seem to fade out of style and that every generation has a soft spot for. 90s jeans with light washes, stone washes, and dark washes. 90s jeans with high waists or baggy waists that left boxers visible. Think of 90s jeans, and you might think of tapered legs, tight legs with a cuff, flared legs, or even bell bottoms signaling a wave of 70s revival. For the uninitiated, 90s jeans could be just about anything.

But that’s not what we’re here to talk about. Because those 90s jeans have their place in a time capsule in history, but they never changed the world. We’re talking about 90s jeans that started as a whisper in the LA skate scene and reverberated at an exponential rate. First, they took over SoCal – skaters and rappers and ravers alike. Then, they owned the West Coast. Then New York and the rest of the US got hip and the whole world soon followed. By the peak in the late 90s, the jeans we’re talking about were the representation of a generation, the clothes of a movement, the apparel of a subculture that refused to conform to tradition. It took until the late 90s, but the decade finally had their jeans.

Oh yes, we’re talking about 90s jeans that bring smiles to faces the world over, that kick the memory banks into high gear, and that have an enduring place in streetwear fashion. You know that’s got to be insanely wide-leg jeans from denim brands like JNCO.

Why is JNCO synonymous with 90s jeans?

JNCO is the single most iconic wide-leg jean manufacturer in the history of the fashion industry. No word of an overstatement! JNCO did wide-leg jeans first – the company was founded in 1985, more than 30 years ago. JNCO did wide-leg jeans best – ultra-wide denim designs like Skunks, Kangaroos, Gorillas, Mammoths, Bulldogs, and Crime Scenes struck a tone with a discerning customer base. Speaking of that discerning customer base, JNCO is synonymous with 90s jeans because over the past 20 years diehard fans have done everything in their power to keep the JNCO name alive. First, it was just word of mouth and eBay transactions. With the growth of social media, JNCO fans made their voices heard. They talked about 90s jeans. They reminisced. They posted pics, swapped stories, and rued the fact that even if they could still fit the insane wide legs around their heads, the waists had gotten a little tight over the years! Simply put, JNCO = 90s jeans because of diehard fans. People just like you who connected with the independent spirit and counterculture values of our brand. People who wanted others to experience the same sense of belonging and camaraderie – and wear a hella comfortable pair of jeans at the same time.

Why is there a revival in 90s jeans now?

There’s been a revival in 90s culture in general. Clothes are an important part of culture, and they make a big statement about what is important to us and how we want to represent ourselves. In turning back the clock to a better time, fans are making a statement that they like the way things used to be. Easy days, close friends, good times. New designs just don’t look right or feel right, and people can see through marketing gimmicks. They know what’s authentic and what isn’t, and sometimes that means reaching back into the past to find that last true relic. People who were in middle school, high school, and college back in the 90s love throwback fashion because it’s a tangible reminder of the best years of their lives, the good old days. But even younger generations understand that looking for something new often means turning to something time-tested and timeless.

What are some classic styles of 90s jeans?

In the JNCO collection, the loose fit jeans that were so popular back in the day are just as celebrated in the modern era.

The character.Each pair of our 90s jeans has something that makes it unique. It is rare that you can identify a pair of jeans by a single word – “Kangaroo” or “Mammoth” - and have a generation of people know exactly what you’re talking about. Each pair has something special, whether it’s a ferocious mascot or a rad take on the JNCO logo, inspired by the surf and skate culture that made us.

The washes. Black denim Skunks, Gorillas, and Crime Scenes. Dark rinse Kangaroos and J179 Pipes. Stone wash Rhinos, Mammoths, Smoke Stacks, and Bulldogs.

The pockets. One of the most famous parts of JNCO jeans are the deep and delicious pockets. With some rear pockets as low as the heel and deep enough to fit a laptop, these jeans are all-time favorite stash places. The front pockets are no joke either.

Where can you buy 90s jeans?

If you’re looking for original pairs of 90s jeans, you’ll have to hunt online auction sites or garage sales, or hope you get lucky going through someone’s old wardrobe. It’s like searching for a needle in a haystack, especially if you want to find the right size. Fortunately, JNCO has all the classic designs authentic to the original style, but in mint condition. You’ll be the first to wear them and love every second of it.

What is the best fit for 90s jeans?

If you’re going for loose fit jeans, there’s something important to remember. The jean design does all the work for you. Look for a good fit around the waist – the wide legs are built into the design. The jeans should sit comfortably on the waist and get insane from there. Make sure you know your waist measurements, hip measurements, and inseam measurements. Consult with the sizing guide, and you’ll have your fit!

Check out some of our 90s jeans:


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