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Stone Washed Jeans

Here’s everything you need to know about stone wash jeans.

What is stone washing?

Stone washing is a process in textile manufacturing used to alter the appearance of the material in question. It is especially typical with stiffer, more rigid fabrics like canvas and denim. Stone washing makes jeans appear faded and well-loved. After all, that telltale mixture of blue and lighter creases in jeans is part of what makes denim jeans so iconic. However, this look takes years – even decades – of wear to happen naturally. Stone washing creates this classic look right at the manufacturing factory.

Stone washing has two major benefits. On the one hand, it gives a more “worn in” look to new clothing. This skips the break-in period that used to be necessary with new clothes, especially denim jeans. You can get that ideal look and feel from the very first time you wear them. The second benefit is that the stone washing makes the denim material softer, more flexible, and more comfortable.

Stone washing is the most famous washing process for denim jeans. It is the most common method of aging jeans and making them appear worn.

How does stone washing work?

As the name implies, stone washing is the process of using stones to roughen up fabric. Typically, jeans are placed in a large industrial clothes washer filled with stones. The tumbling stones beat at the denim, making it more flexible and soft.

Pumice is the typical stone used for stone washing, though perlite has become increasingly common in recent years. Pumice beats at the fabric, removing dye particles from the cotton to create that classic worn look. Every pair of jeans will have its own unique creases and worn effects with this method. Chlorine can also be added to the water which is absorbed by the stones. As the jeans tumble, the chlorine will create a lighter fade. The more chlorine, the lighter the shade. An alternate process is known as bio-stoning, which uses cellulose enzymes to create that aged look with a more uniform, consistent result.

Stone washing refers only to the process, not the tone of the denim. You can have light stone wash, medium stone wash, and dark stone wash. Depending on the material used – white cotton, indigo cotton, black cotton and so on, the look will be entirely different. However when using indigo denim, the final color of the stone wash jeans is that classic “jean blue” you would expect.

What stone-washed jeans do you sell?

Stone wash jeans are some of the best-selling items in the JNCO collection. We sell a variety of pairs of denim jeans in a stone wash. Our stone-washed jeans are made of 100% high-quality cotton indigo denim and made with care and attention to detail.  On the men’s side of the ledger, we have:

In our women’s collection, our stone wash jeans include:

Who invented stone-washed jeans?

The origin of stone-washed jeans is disputed. Levi Strauss & Co. traces stone washing back to Donald Freeland of Great Western Garment Company in the 1950s, while others credit inventor Claude Blankiet in the 1970s. Regardless of the origins, take one look at our popular collection of stone wash jeans and it is clear that JNCO has perfected the technique! Stone wash is a delicate balance. Too little, and the denim remains stiff. Too much, and you can damage the denim or other parts of the pants, including buttons and zippers. Our manufacturer process has been fined tuned so every pair of JNCO wide leg jeans has the right look, style, and fit. Every time.

Why are stone-washed jeans so popular?

Stone-washed jeans are popular because they give you that worn-in, well-loved, time-tested look and feel…with none of the work. The reason everyone loves “old blue jeans” is because they fit like a glove and feel as comfortable as can be. With stone-washed jeans, the same feeling applies to any pair, from the very first wear. So that’s the first thing – comfort, comfort, comfort. Any pair of jeans that feels like you’ve worn them forever even if it’s the first time you’re pulling them on…that’s a great pair of jeans. Then there’s the style. There’s simply something appealing about jeans that have a bit of character, don’t you think? The jeans have lived a life (even if it’s just in an industrial dryer!), they have stories to tell. It’s like writing a book but the first chapter is already written – where will you take the journey from here?

How often should you wash stone wash jeans?

The stone wash finish has no effect on how often you should wash your jeans. Wash them as regularly (or irregularly) as you would any other pair of jeans. The typical rule of thumb is to wait at least five or six wears before the first wash. Wash your stone wash jeans inside out in cold water with similar colors and hang dry, at least at first. The main thing is understanding that the more you wash your jeans, the faster they will age and the more the indigo tone will fade. It’s up to you how comfortable you are with that.

How should stone wash jeans fit?

Stone wash finish has no effect on the fit of your jeans. Whatever fit you prefer for your jeans, go for it! Remember that JNCO jeans should fit comfortably at the waist, and the jeans do the rest of the work being baggy in all the right places.

Check our our stone wash jeans:

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