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Heritage Jeans

Heritage jeans (or vintage jeans) has a dual meaning.

What is the first meaning of heritage jeans?

Heritage jeans are individual pairs of jeans that date back years or even decades. There are a limited number of jeans still in circulation that date back to a specific era, so they can be quite rare and expensive. You can hunt vintage stores, scour the tables at garage sales, head to second-hand stores, or do some online searching on sites like eBay. If you’re lucky you’ll find a pair you like in your style – and snatch them up before someone else does.

These days, most people know the value of heritage jeans, especially much-coveted designs like JNCO Skunks, Mammoths, and Kangaroos. It’s hard to find a deal, but if you find a pair cheap or even free, hunting through your older brother’s closet, count yourself lucky.

Heritage jeans are special, they’re rare, and they’re a tangible piece of the interconnected history of the fashion world. With vintage JNCO heritage jeans in particular, there’s something almost magical about getting your hands on a pair of wide leg jeans that date back 20 years or more. You’re wearing history!

Of course, the same things that make heritage jeans so special also makes them hard to find or unwelcome in most wardrobes these days. If you are lucky enough to find a pair in a style you like, in a size that fits, at a price that doesn’t melt your wallet, you have to hope the jeans are in good condition. JNCO jeans are synonymous with quality materials and durability, but that’s not to say a given pair hasn’t been frayed, torn, stained, or otherwise damaged over the years.

How do you identify real heritage jeans?

If you’re looking to buy a pair of used men’s heritage jeans or women’s heritage jeans, you have to be careful. There are counterfeit versions from back in the day that are still floating around. There are also newer pairs of jeans manufactured in the years since that try to capitalize on the persistent love for JNCO and take your money. JNCO jeans have a lot of different logos and a ton of different jeans, shorts, cargo pants, carpenter jeans, khakis, and other options, so it’s easy to get duped. If you aren’t sure, your best bet is to go straight to the source – JNCO.com. You can buy a new pair of heritage jeans with the correct design down to the last detail.

How much are vintage JNCO jeans worth?

The price is whatever someone is willing to pay for them! If you’re fortunate enough to find a pair of heritage jeans at a garage sale or second-hand store and they don’t know the amazing history of JNCO jeans, you might walk out without having to bust a $20 bill out of your pocket. If you’re in a bidding war at an online auction site for a rare pair, the price could get into the high hundreds. As for the heritage jeans currently being produced by JNCO, every pair of jeans is available for $70 or less and if you’re lucky enough to catch a sale you can get an even better deal.

What is the second meaning of heritage jeans?

Heritage jeans are new jeans, never been worn, building off by designs and styles from another era. In this sense of the term, heritage jeans may simply be inspired by the past, with elements taken here or there, or they try to embody the attitude and spirit of previous fashion without taking actual design elements. Or, heritage jeans can be picture perfect copies of designs from the past, with modern manufacturing processes and quality materials.

When people talk of heritage jeans, there is no telling which version they mean. However consider the challenges with getting your hands on authentic JNCOs – not knockoffs – from the past in good condition at an acceptable price point, new heritage jeans are the perfect solution.

Fans of JNCO from back in the day have a chance to get a new pair of their favorite jeans, at a size that fits, without those pesky Capri-Sun stains! If the price of wide-legged jeans was out of your lawn mowing allowance price range in your teenage years, now you can buy the designs you stared at so lustily as you flipped through skater magazines.

For a whole new generation, the prospect is just as exciting. Now you can own a fresh new pair of JNCOs – wear-free, damage-free, smell-free – with those badass designs you’ve heard about but maybe never seen in person.

What heritage jeans does JNCO make?

JNCO is proud to offer many of the best-selling items from back in the 90s, and we’re always adding new (old!) designs to the collection. Here’s the exciting wide leg jeans offerings we currently have available for men:


And our growing collection of women’s heritage jeans


What is sizing for heritage jeans?

If you are looking for a used pair of jeans, your options in terms of sizing are limited. If you have a very slim or very wide waist, it will be hard to find a pair because there aren’t many of those sizes floating out there. However if you have an average waist size, you will have just as much trouble because you’re competing with a larger pool of heritage hunters! If you are on the hunt for a second-hand pair of jeans beware that because they are well-worn, they may fit a little looser than the sizing. Therefore you may want to expand the search to a size smaller than you typically wear – but there are no guarantees.

With new heritage jeans, simply follow the sizing guide on the site and you’ll find the perfect fit. Remember, JNCO jeans should fit comfortably at the waist – the bagginess comes from the jean design.

Check out some of our heritage jeans:

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