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Baggy Jeans

If you read lifestyle and culture magazines, blogs, and websites that touch on style and fashion, you may have notice increasing buzz about the return of baggy jeans. The revival of baggy pants. The comeback for wide-legged jeans. Wide leg pants are back in style. Baggy pants from the 90s are trendy again. Headline after headline proclaiming a return of loose fit jeans. About time!

What are baggy jeans?

Baggy jeans are denim jeans that fit loosely. Unlike traditional blue jeans that have a comfortable but snug fit, and skinny jeans that cling to the body like plastic wrap, baggy jeans have a lot of give. Whether we’re talking about men’s baggy jeans, women’s baggy jeans, or baggy jeans for teens and youth, they are a fashion statement – a decision to look cool, relaxed, and comfortable.

There are two different types of baggy jeans.

The first option is to wear pants that are technically “too big” for your body size and shape. For example, if you have a size 30 waist, you might buy size 34 jeans. The pants will be baggy everywhere – around the legs, at the knees, through the thighs, and in the seat of the pants – which is why most baggy jeans wearers use a belt to hold them up. However an equally popular option is to also let the jeans sag below the bottom with some boxer exposed, as opposed to traditional jeans worn at waist or hip height. The exposed boxers is a fashion statement as well, so you can show off your favorite brand of undergarment. This is known as “sagging” or “low riding.”

This is a popular style especially with the skater and hip-hop subcultures. While option #1 looks badass if we’re talking about style, it isn’t the most practical option. It can be tough to run or even walk in oversized baggy jeans, trying to keep them from falling down in public. And with your boxers exposed, it can be uncomfortable sitting down especially if you live in a cold climate – no one wants to sit boxers-first on a cold bus bench!

That’s why the second form of baggy jeans is so popular, and this is the style JNCO jeans has chosen. Our baggy jeans fit comfortably at the waist, and the jeans do the rest of the work. They will be baggy and wide-legged, but sized appropriately at the waist. This is why when buying JNCO jeans or other baggy jeans sized the same way, you should buy a pair with your size of waist measurement, not a larger size. These are comfortable in all scenarios. You can walk in them, run in them, jump in them, sit in them on a cold day – no problems at all.

Who wears baggy jeans?

Baggy jeans are worn by everyone regardless of age, gender, race, orientation, occupation, income level, nationality – it doesn’t matter. No matter who you are, you can wear baggy jeans for comfort reasons or style reasons. They are popular with men and women alike. While baggy jeans used to be limited to niche subcultures, now they are arguably the most popular jean style worldwide. The subcultures most commonly associated with baggy jeans include skater, surf, hip hop, rap, raver, goth, hardcore, and punk.

Why are baggy jeans so popular?

They’re comfortable, they look amazing, and they make a statement that you’re willing to step aside from tradition in the name of attitude and comfort. It’s hard to remember, but back in the day baggy jeans were controversial. Schools tried to ban the practice, local ordinances were passed barring sagging pants, and some local transportation authorities prohibited passengers with sagging pants from boarding. Say what? With the panicked reaction, it is no wonder that baggy jeans became a growing phenomenon for non-conformists the world over.

What do baggy jeans look like?

Because baggy jeans have more material than your body needs, they often bunch and sag. Typically you will see bunching around the legs and knees, and sagging in the rear. You will usually see creases in the thighs as well. The bunching of this extra material is part of the appeal of the look.

Baggy jeans are made out of denim. In some instances, especially women’s baggy jeans, they are manufactured with a small percentage of spandex to improve stretch. Baggy jeans can come in any color or wash – stone wash, rinse wash, indigo denim, black denim, and more.

What are wide leg baggy jeans?

Wide leg jeans don’t have the issue with bunching at the bottom of the legs. Instead, the leg openings flow outward – if the leg openings are wide enough, they will even hide shoes from view. It is traditionally accepted that leg openings of 20” or more qualify as “wide leg” jeans. “Super wide leg” jeans have leg openings between 23” and 26”, while anything wider is considered “extreme wide leg” jeans. As for our baggy Crime Scenes’ 50” leg openings? Out of this world.

When pants are fitted at the waist and get increasingly wide from the waist to the legs, these are known as phat pants. Phat pants were really popular in the raver community back in the 90s, do you remember?

How do you wear baggy jeans?

Baggy jeans can be worn at the waist (JNCO style), at the hips with a small amount of boxer exposed, or below the butt with a large amount of boxer exposed. The choice is entirely up to the discretion of the wearer. Typically, unless worn at the waist, most people will wear a belt with baggy jeans to keep them from falling down.

How do you wash baggy jeans?

You wash baggy jeans the same way you would any other pair of jeans. Most denim experts recommend waiting at least five or six wears before washing, but it’s up to you. Wash your baggy jeans inside out in cold water with clothing items of the same color. Hang dry. Just remember, the more often you wash your baggy jeans, the faster they will age. If you want to keep that rich indigo tone for as long as you possibly can, wash them less often. If you like the character of fading, feel free to wash as often as you like.

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