Levis 501 vs 505 Jeans 2021 What's The Difference

Levis 501 vs 505 Jeans 2021: What’s The Difference?

Levi’s is a famous brand in fashion globally, especially jeans fashion, their products are called by numbers that make many people easily confused, what is the meaning of that number. Today Jnco Jeans focuses on comparing and analyzing the thoughts of Levis 501 vs 505, what they mean and why they are so-called. So let’s dive into the meaning and difference between them.

The Brand

Before we proceed into the layouts we’ve chosen, let us first learn a little about the newest, and it’s so common.

Levi’s is the denim manufacturer of this Levi Strauss & Co. company, which Levi Strauss set in 1853 in San Francisco, California.

The brand’s fame and the proper name came in the simple fact that, unlike several other clothing brands in the moment, the pants of that wouldn’t be as lasting as necessary for employees; the jeans created from Levi’s were so.

Levi's 501 vs 505 Reddit

The cause of this was that the rivet reinforcement, which aided the pants, is somewhat less prone to tearing and continued for more.

On the other hand, the actual boom was from the 1900s, when jeans became a part of the mainstream, not entirely limited for employees, and afterward became the most stylish piece in the apparel of several. If you believe in hippies and rockers, you’re spot on.

The’50s and’60s were jeans kicked off, and since they were not out of fashion.

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Comparison: Levis 501 vs 505 Jeans

Now that we’ve got the technicalities out of the way, now is the time to check out today’s chosen layouts, the 501 and 505 jeans.

To begin with, the 501 jeans come in many different styles and cuts, since the movie above shows. There are skinny jeans, tapered, shrink-to-fit, as well as shorts. But, we’ll concentrate on the original layout.

Comparison Levis 501 vs 505 Jeans

Leg Opening

One place where you can understand the difference between the 505s and 550s is at the leg opening.

The 505s are directly matched so that the leg opening is precisely the same diameter in the quads down to the ankles.

For example, on a set of Levi 505 using a waist size of 32, the leg opening is 16″ in diameter down.

Even the 550s, on the other hand, is somewhat broader up close to the quad and have a tapered leg that has thinner near your ankle.

However, the Relaxed Fit 550s begin with a more fabric-up shirt, so regardless of how the jeans taper toward the base, they are more comprehensive than the 505s.

On a size 32 waist, the 550s have 16.5″ down in the knees and get even wider throughout the quads.

So, though the 550s do get thinner near the floor, the 505s nevertheless possess a more compact leg, leading to their more delicate shape.

Fit And Cut

Fit And Cut

Both layouts are shrink-to-fit about wear, meaning they tend to fit a little more comfortably on the hips.

However, there’s a slight difference since the 501 fits looser around the thighs compared to 505. In addition, the cut is right from the knee to the ankle, and the period of this 505s is more, in a bootcut span, whereas the 501s end marginally over the ankles.

The 501s possess a higher risk. Thus they’re higher in the midsection, whereas the 505s end in the hips because of a mid-rise design.


As we mentioned earlier, the original 501 jeans were made ahead of the zip fly, and consequently, its fly was created of buttons, which has remained to this day.

The 505, on the other hand, has a zip fly.

This is a significant difference between them both but doesn’t affect wear or relaxation as practical as placing them on or taking them off.


Both of them are lace and jeans, which can be cotton in its composition, is that the base material used in the two.

However, since the layout and match vary, the 501s are constructed of 99% Cotton and 1% Elastane, which give it a small quantity of stretch for more comfortable wear.

The 505s are thinner in the match, so they also possess 1% Elastane inside them, which assists with all the stretch and causes them to fit more comfortably and take the strain of wear the cotton, which makes it less prone to ripping or tearing.

The fabric mix for your 505s is 78% Cotton, 21% Polyester, and 1% Elastane. They’re created out of the Water ™ technology.

This technology does is that it conserves water throughout the finishing process in the production of these jeans since it uses around 96 percent less water than ordinarily required.

Color And Wash

The original 501s arrive from the traditional indigo blue color, which will be offered in light and dark wash, with highlights across front creases and thighs.

The 505s are also available in indigo colors. Still, since they’re designed to fit snuggly, which also makes them suitable for curvy girls, the highlights are minimum in most fashions while quite evident in a number of the classic ones.

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How Do They Fit

How Do They Fit?

This picture I caught from Amazon provides you with a Fantastic head-to-head look at how Levi’s 505, along with 550 jeans, compare.

Fit is undoubtedly among the essential facets of your clothes look and among the most significant differences between 550s and 505s.

Each of the jeans produced by the Levi Strauss company falls into seven different categories of the match:

Skinny Fit Jeans, Slim Fit Jeans, Straight Leg Jeans, Taper Jeans, Boot Cut Jeans (I essentially never advocate, unless you happen to be sporting them with cowboy boots), Relaxed Fit Jeans, and Loose Jeans.

The 550s fall to the Relaxed Fit class, although the 505s are at the marginally thinner Straight Fit class.

To make things slightly more perplexing, the 505s are also often known as Regular Fit jeans, though none of those six classes.

The notion is that within the broader Straight Fit class, there are a few variances.

For example, the average Fit 505s have a somewhat more relaxed fashion than other straight-leg jeans such as the 514s or the classic Levi 501s.

The ideal way to comprehend Levi’s 550 and 505 jeans would be to understand the difference between both groups: relaxed fit jeans versus regular fit jeans.

Levi’s Jeans: What Do The Numbers Mean?

Unlike other manufacturers, which rely on particular titles for their layouts, Levi uses three-digit numbers to categorize their tastes.

It might appear a bit difficult to keep track of all of the amounts and what they imply; however, attached photos and, unsurprisingly, the description of how they match are part of the internet record and labeling for those trousers. Consequently, you don’t need to memorize much (or at all, even if we’re truthful ).

Why are the amounts used in the first location? In a nutshell, the pieces represent the match, meaning they are a code, per se, which indicates a specific game, be it in men’s or women’s layouts.

But, there are differences between men’s and women’s interpretation of this amount.

In the event of women’s jeans, the amounts determine how the jeans fit through the waist, thighs, and buttocks, whereas the men decide how they will match overall. Additionally, there are differences in the cut and form of the leg to women’s jeans, whereas the men’s are regular.

The movie under The Lucy Space provides a comprehensive rundown of those 501 jeans fashions.


Does Levis 505 have a zipper?

The Levi’s 501 jeans have a button fly, while Levi’s 505 jeans have a zipper fly. This is the most apparent difference between both jeans. The only obvious advantage to getting buttons is you will never get caught with your fly down.

Are Levi 505 jeans good?

The 505 jeans are excellent casual jeans with a beautiful in-between match that is not too tight. If you’re searching for men’s Levi jeans, then here is what you want to learn about a few of the most well-known choices: Levis 501 Original Jeans – The 501 jeans tend to be in contrast to 505 jeans.

What happened to Levi 505 regular fit jeans?

Levi’s 505 Regular fits have shifted, and the match and sizing are off with an inch and mislabeled. They cut an inch from this increase from look over the pocket on high in the belt loop so that they ride low and keep slipping. They’re contoured differently.

Are Levi’s still made in the USA?

For the vast majority of the jeans, Levi’s aren’t made in the united states. Over 99 percent of the jeans are manufactured in China, Japan, Italy, and many others. Levi’s does possess one selection of “Made in the USA” 501 jeans, created by a denim mill named White Oak at Greensboro, NC.

Do Levi 505 jeans stretch?

Beloved to their classic straight leg design, they’re cut to sit down in the waist with extra room in the torso and drop right down to the ankle. The flexibility of the right leg is very good for all body types. In addition, this set has just the correct quantity of stretch to get all-day relaxation.


Now that you know the difference between Levis 501 and 505, understanding the characteristics of each type of pants will make it easier to coordinate. So please choose for yourself the clothes that suit the person and the purpose of your activity. We hope that our article can be of great use to you.

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