How to Make an Apron From Jeans 2021 Best Full Guide & Reviews

How to Make an Apron From Jeans 2021: Best Full Guide & Reviews

What do you do when your jeans are old? Will you throw them away or give them away? Or you will use it to make a mop, for example. Right in this article, Jnco jeans will guide you to turn your old jeans into a necessary product for your kitchen. Continue reading to see the steps on How to Make an Apron From Jeans. Let’s redesign your old pants together.

Materials to Create Work Apron

You’re able to make this job apron from shorts, capris, or full-length jeans-it does not matter. But you are only planning to use the “chair” portion, which includes the rear pockets, so buy whatever is cheapest.

Materials to Create Work Apron

I made three aprons completely, one from every style, but constantly choosing worn instances to complete the project more vintage-y.

In this photo, you find a pair of capris I picked up in Salvation Army when gloomy tags were half-off, so I paid only $2 to create this apron. Yipee!

Some Other supplies you will want to have available include:

  • Scissors
  • Buttons
  • Glue gun
  • Needle & thread (not revealed )
  • Sewing machine (optional)
  • Pinking shears (optional)

How to Create Denim Work Apron out of Thrifted Jeans

How to Create Denim Work Apron out of Thrifted Jeans

First things first, go ahead and cut the legs out of your jeans straight at the “crotch” point. Do not be concerned about being directly, or perhaps; you can clean up things in the future.

Right now, we are going to take care of that middle-point that does not wish to lay flat and will make your apron all curly-wurly should you only let it all go.

Aprons made from jeans

You will want to cut up, together with the middle seam, a few inches and then put the seam side on top of the other hand. Use a tiny bit of hot glue to emphasize seam side down, being careful not to put any adhesive close to the border where you have to sew later on. (You do not need to need to sew hot paste.)

Because you’re using the back of the panties to produce the apron, you would like to decrease the front of their jeans off from the trunk. You’ve got two options (1) cut quite carefully into the seam and do nothing to hem, or (two ) can cut on a 1/2″ from the seam, leaving enough to sew beneath and create a more finished advantage. I picked the latter.

Men's apron from jeans

When you get up to the waist, you have another option to make (1) cut it around, leaving it intact (such as you see here), or (2) cut off it entirely and use a belt to hold the apron on.

The tricky bit about clipping around the waistband comes when you strike on a belt loop. Leave the end connected to the band for now; however, cut the flip side as shown in my photo. Then, use a seam ripper to remove the waistband finish and trim across the opposite with sharp scissors. Hang on the belt loop, but you are likely to need it afterward.

No sew apron from jeans

You can now even out the hemline at the front, then go right ahead and iron a fabulous hemline to make it much easier to sew. Since I kept things easy, I just folded the border up once because I am not overly stressed about some fraying on the rear side.

Hem front and sides by hand or using a sewing machine. I sewed the show with my device.

Along with the hand of the side, because at some points, I’d have needed to sew several layers which were too thick for my machine to make it through.

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You may discover all sorts of blossoms at your craft shop to decorate your apron with, but in case you’ve got a die-cut machine and also a flower-shaped perish, then it is possible to create your own, such as mine on the left side. Or, if you do not mind going easy, pull your pinking sheers and senses (or denim) and make blossoms like those at the middle and right.

If you would like to hang some resources out of your apron, now is the time to strike that belt loop out of earlier in this article. Only a couple of stitches on each finish will hold it in position.

It is ideal for carrying a hammer. When working in my booth, I typically need nails, a hammer, scissors, a pencil, and tape. My brand new apron will perfectly satisfy my requirements.

I am not done with the next apron, but here is a peek at the first two. My candy 19-year-old daughter consented that they are pretty adorable. Now you know that is high praise.

I hope you will take a while to see my Thrifty Chick girlfriends’ projects; their imagination knows no boundaries!


Now that you can design your apron out of your old jeans, I’m sure you can make aprons that are both durable and trendy by following these directions simple steps above. Try it for yourself and show us your product.

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