How to Acid Wash Black Jeans 2021 Best Full Guide & Reviews

How to Acid Wash Black Jeans 2021: Best Full Guide & Reviews

You want a faded look on your pants or jeans coat by using acid; the top layer of color is faded away to reveal the white color of the fabric underneath; you can make them at home, but you must know precisely what to do with your pant jeans before making changes to them. So let’s go through the steps of How to Acid Wash Black Jeans with Jnco Jeans; it’s time to change your bland pants.

What you Will need

  • Household bleach
  • Rubber rings
  • An empty spray bottle
  • Water
  • A tub or large bowl
  • Gloves

The Best Way to Acid Wash Black Jeans

How to acid wash jeans with a spray bottle

First Things First

Collect the item (s) you need to acid scrub. While jeans would be the most typical, you can accomplish this remedy with any denim clothing like a coat, vest, jumpsuit, and much more.

Start Scrunching Up the Fabric.

With your rubber bands, collect the fabric randomly and wrap the rings around various product regions, starting from the bottom towards the top. Do not forget about replicating this process on the trunk also! Essentially, it should seem like one big, lumpy package held together when you are finished.

Get the Bleach

The potency of the bleach will influence how intense the contrast is, FYI. It may seem nearly white with dark blue regions, or it may be a subtle acid scrub if you dilute the bleach using more water. Should you go the latter course and determine that it is not showing enough, you could always return over the thing with more bleach to get the desired appearance.

Get the Bleach

You usually will combine three parts of water with one piece of bleach (e.g., three liters of water to a liter of bleach).

However, you might also produce the solution weaker or stronger depending on the aesthetic you are trying for, as stated previously.

Mix the bleach and water at a fresh bathtub or sink with the drain plugged or a large spoon or bowl. Utilize your gloves for protection and submerge the rubber-banded thing into the solution until you find the bubbles disappear.

To get a splattered impact, you can fill out an empty spray bottle for this option and spray on the thing on your tub or someplace secure out.

You can continue to keep the rubber bands on it while doing this, or skip this step altogether and spray directly on the bit while it’s laying flat. Leave it for a few hours for the bleach to affect.

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Let It Sit, and Then Rinse With Cold Water.

Give it a while to consume the bleach mixture, and also, a rule of thumb is the longer you leave it to boil, the longer stained it will look.

Let It Sit, and Then Rinse With Cold Water.

Consequently, if you would like to have more contrast, you’ll be able to soak it for two or more hours, or you could choose to take it out sooner. As soon as you eliminate it, rinse off the remedy by conducting the thing under cold water.

Remove Rubber Bands and Bathe.

Take off all of the rubber bands and throw the piece from the wash onto a standard cycle using cold water. Then, set it in the drier, and voila! Your’80s fantasies come true with your brand new acid-washed denim.

Scroll through the pics below for trend, but if you’ve accomplished after reading this, you are WAY too lazy to accept this particular DIY project (been there); we shopped any pre-bleached designs especially for you.

Enjoy Your New Pair Of Jeans

I was pretty conservative with my spraying so that I might return and do much more bustles in lower and higher places in my pair to acquire a more daring acid scrub look.

The ideas are endless, as you can even produce a stencil using a pattern and apply the bleach to have the design onto your denim. So enjoy it, and revel in your new look!

How To Acid Wash Jeans FAQs

How do 80s jeans get acid-washed?

Take off all the rubber bands and then throw the piece in the wash on a regular cycle with cold water. Then, put it in the dryer, and voila! Your ’80s dreams have come true with your new acid-washed denim.

Does black denim fade?

Black won’t fade the same way indigo does. The black penetrates the fiber all the way through, making it almost impossible to get the same contrast. You could get some mustaches and honeycombs and such, but the color will fade and make it grey when washing it.

Can you turn black jeans GREY

Can you turn black jeans GREY?

When black jeans begin to fade unevenly, the best solution is to wash them in your washing machine with chlorine bleach to lighten the color of your jeans uniformly. When you lighten your jeans using bleach, you can create an attractive pair of gray jeans or even remove all black dye for a raw denim look.

Is acid washback in style 2020?

The light blue signature wash remains popular today and is a mainstay for high-waisted and skinny-leg jeans. Meanwhile, Designers such as Isabel Marant and Balmain featured acid wash styles in their 2019 / 2020 collections.


Now that you can redesign your jeans wrap or jacket yourself, be careful and strict in every step; we hope this article has brought you many benefits.

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