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Skateboarding Jeans

Skateboarding Jeans

Let’s talk about skateboarding jeans – also known as skater jeans.

What is the history of skate culture?

Skater culture is based around the sport of skateboarding – riding and performing tricks on a skateboard. Skateboarding dates back to the middle of the 20 th century. Rumor has it that skateboarding was invented by surfers who wanted something to do when the waves weren’t right for surfing. At the start, it really was like surfing, with riders riding barefoot and doing surfing maneuvers. In fact, at the beginning it was called “sidewalk surfing.”

Skateboarding started in Los Angeles, spread throughout Southern California, and grew from there across the US. Skateboarding can be street skating, taking advantage of the variations in cityscapes (railings, staircases, curbs etc.) or at a designated skate park.

Skateboarding was a rebellious pastime. Skating was banned in many public places, schools and parents would confiscate your board if you stepped out of line, and it was a pretty gritty hobby for urban youth back in the day.

Skateboarding was a pretty niche sport until the 1980s, when it started to explode in popularity with teens. By the 1990s, people all over the world embraced skate culture and skate apparel, even if they never stepped onto a skateboard.

Originally, skate culture was very closely tied to surf culture. In fact, it was nothing but a land version of surfing to many. But as the years passed, skate culture began to take on its own culture, especially as it spread to other places in the US with no surfing culture at all.

Aside from the surf connections of skate culture, it was originally very closely tied with punk culture. This has held very true over the years, however the culture has also expanded to welcome rock fans, hip-hop fans, ska/reggae fans, and more.

What is skate apparel?

Skate apparel is anything worn by skaters while they ride, or clothing that people associated with skate culture choose to wear. Skating is a simple sport – all you need is a board. Skaters are obsessed with every last detail of their skateboard, from the color of the grip tape to the tightness of the trucks to the width of the wheels.

Back In the day, people even rode barefoot, although the importance of a solid shoe for preventing injuries became obvious pretty quickly. Therefore the most iconic piece of apparel in skate culture is definitely the skate shoe. Skate shoes are designed specifically for skateboarding. They have a thick sole with little padding, usually leather or suede upper with double/triple stitching for durability, and a low padded tongue. The goal here is to provide support, prevent injury, increase grip, while stilling a look a controlled “feel” of the skateboard. Skate shoes were originally made exclusively for skating, but as they rose in popularity other shoe brands started making skate shoes as well.

Then we get to the clothes. Skaters are a discerning group, and they only wear clothes that are comfortable, are suited to skating, and look awesome. A whole group of brand rose out of the SoCal skate scene in the 1980s, but few have endured to this day. JNCO is one of the originals and we’re still true to our skater roots to this day. We make skater jeans, skater pants, skater hoodies, skater T-shirts, skater jackets, skater beanies, and skater hats with that classic skater vibe and JNCO attitude.

What are skateboarding jeans?

Skater jeans need to be looser than your average jean, because you need room and flexibility to pull off your tricks. Tight, confining jeans simply won’t cut it. After a lot of trial and error, skaters found that baggy jeans and wide leg jeans were the best jeans for skateboarding.

Skateboarding jeans also need to be durable. It doesn’t matter how good of a skater you are – you’re going to fall, you’re going to land on your knees, and you have to hope your jeans can take it. That’s why skateboarding jeans are made of heavy denim so they can handle trips and falls and help you get back up on your feet again without ruined, ripped jeans. Baggy jeans are also great because they give your legs a little room to breathe. If you’re skating, especially in the hot California sun, you don’t want skinny jeans clinging to your legs when you’re sweating. If it gets too hot, just throw on a pair of JNCO skateboarding jean shorts.

As an added bonus, loose fit jeans are just as comfortable in everyday life, even when you’re not skating. Unlike other sports where you need specialized apparel that’s a little stranger to wear in your day-to-day life, skater apparel transitions perfectly to regular life. It helps that the influencers of fashion and culture in the 80s and 90s were skaters, punk bands, rappers, and other people who wore skate apparel. So even if you never rode a skateboard, you still wanted to wear skateboarding jeans. The same applies today. It doesn’t matter if you work a desk job or you’re a pro rider – you want skater jeans.

Why are JNCOs great skateboarding jeans?

Skaters love JNCO jeans because they are comfortable and allow a full-range of movement while riding or just walking around. They are durable and less likely to rip in the knees the first time you eat pavement. Best of all, they are great for anything else you’re going to get up to. Skating, hanging out, going to a concert, going to a rave, going to class – skater jeans are there keeping you comfortable every step of the way.

If you are shopping for skater jeans to wear while you ride or just love everything about the look and attitude of skater culture, it is so important to buy jeans that are comfortable, durable, and make a statement. Our men’s skateboarding jeans and women’s skater jeans are that perfect fit, each and every time – and don’t forget our skater shorts, tees, and hoodies. For more than 30 years skaters have sworn by JNCO as a legit SoCal brand making clothes that fit right, look right, and feel right.



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