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A pair of flare jeans is a fashion statement. Versatile, comfortable, sexy – there’s nothing better. Flare jeans fit comfortable at the waist and gradually widen before flaring out at the bottom – hence the name. Flare jeans, styled as bell bottoms, were very popular in the 1960s and 70s, returned to prominence in the 90s, and are back in style once again. This trend comes and goes in waves, but flare jeans never go out of style – and for a very good reason. They’re the perfect blend of vintage and modern, old and new, throwback nostalgia and forward momentum. Tell skinny jeans to take a hike – your legs will thank you.


JNCO has perfected flare jeans for women. For women with a bit of edge and a flair for fashion, we’ve got you covered.

Back in the 90s, JNCO lead the way with groundbreaking denim for people who dared to be different. In addition to our infamous wide-legged jeans, our 90s flare jeans made quite the impact. Some of our best-selling flare jeans include Hypnotix, Solid States, Chimes, and Classix. To this day, vintage versions of our flare jeans are hot items on the secondhand market. But until recently, that was the only way you could get your hands on a pair of these beauties, short of getting lucky at a garage sale or raiding your older sister’s closet. Until now.


JNCO has a well-earned reputation for well-made denim built to last. Designed with heart and crafted with quality materials and attention to detail, every pair of JNCO flare jeans is made with love.

Now, the best-selling flare jeans that you loved and cherish from back in the day are once again available for purchase. JNCO flare jeans are made with a high percentage of cotton, blended with polyester and/or spandex to improve stretch and comfort. Every last detail, from the cute embroidered logos to the classic stitching to the picture-perfect wash of the denim is done with 100% care and attention to detail.

At the moment, our flare jean collections include Black Hypnotix, Blue Hypnotix, Chimes, Classix, and Solid States. But we like to keep you on your toes – you never know what will be added to our women’s flare jeans collection next.

Whether you want a pair of flare jeans to wear during a night out on the town, breezy Sunday afternoon with your crew, or wear to a 90s throwback party, there’s a pair in our flare jeans collection calling your name. It doesn’t matter if you pair it with a casual tee, baggy hoodie or slick jacket – we know you will look like a rockstar.

Plus size flare jeans are a new addition to our collection, and we’re always adding new designs including some old favorites from back in the day. Keep your eyes peeled and come back for more, you never know what you’ll find! If you don’t have flare jeans in your wardrobe yet, what are you waiting for?


JNCO: Flare Jeans for the Chosen Ones.
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