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Your Ultimate Guide to Wearing Cords

by Joseph Cohen September 08, 2016 1 Comment

Your Ultimate Guide to Wearing Cords

Corduroys – the one little word that instantly transports your mind back to the 90s. But believe it or not, they’re back and in style. Dressed up or down – people are starting to embrace the fad that once swept through every wardrobe in the 90s. So if you’re itching to get your hands on a pair but aren’t exactly sure how to properly incorporate them into your style – here is your ultimate guide to wearing cords.


When Should You Wear Cords?


Cords are pretty versatile, but – like everything – there’s generally a time and a place for cords to be worn and not to be worn. To simplify this differentiation, simply think of them like jeans.


Cords can be substituted for jeans or khakis in most occasions. So generally they’re best utilized for casual wear. The general rule is a nice button up shirt, which is as far as you should go for looking fancy – after all, you don’t want to look like you stepped out of a time machine.


What Should You Wear Them With?


One of the best features of cords is that they often come in a variety of colours – beige, brown, blue, even green – it all depends. So if you’re looking to get a little more creative with your style, you can do just that.


For the most part, casual shirts, T-shirts with simple, neutral colours, or even a casual plaid look great. Anything too formal, such as a blazer and tie are a no-go, so just keep it caj.


For the ultimate outfit this fall, a pair of brown cords, a perfect tee, and a baggy hoodie are all you need. Top it off with a snapback and you’re set.


What Should You Avoid Wearing With Cords?


Formal wear aside - there are a few other essentials to avoid wearing with cords. One of the most emphasized is clashing colours. This may sound obvious, but you’d be surprised.


Always avoid wearing the same or similar colours. So if you decide to go for a charcoal pair, look for something neutral or complimentary to go on top.


Where Can You Buy Cords?


So if you’re eager to spice up you wardrobe with that tinge of the 90s, you can find these gems right here at It’s the go-to spot for all of your favorite pants from the 90s. Baggy jeans, baggy cargos, baggy cords – we’re got you covered.



Joseph Cohen
Joseph Cohen

1 Response


September 10, 2016

It’s awesome there back! It would be sweet to see the low downs in cords again. Maybe even make the smoke stacks original again with the crown j in front of the pocket.

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