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Your Guide to Jaw-Dropping Back to School Style

by Diana Restrepo August 25, 2016

Your Guide to Jaw-Dropping Back to School Style

Well it’s that time of year again – back to school. All right, maybe we’re not quite there yet – you still have a plethora of sunshine and freedom to enjoy before getting back into the full swing of student life - so don’t panic! But while you’re lounging by the lake or on the beach, there’s no harm in starting to consider all the books, gadgets, gizmos, and of course – clothes, you’ll need for the return to academia. If your beach bum mindset has consumed your knowledge on the latest trends, here’s a quick guide for some jaw-dropping styles that are perfect for back to school.




The Romper


Nothing says style and comfort like a romper. It’s onesie meets summer, all I one. The perfect outfit for still embracing the summer heat, with that extra bit of flair for school.




Floral, floral, everything floral. Whether it’s shirt, dress or a cute little romper, florals are super hot and trendy at the moment. Think of a cute floral-print skirt, paired with your favorite accent-colored tank.


Simplify, Accessorize


One sure way of getting that perfect blend of jaw-dropping style with just the right touch of I’m-not-overkilling-it-for-school kind of vibe is by staying sharp and simple – casual-chic. You can easily pull this off with a plain white T, tucked into black cut-off pants with a brown leather belt in tow. Make the outfit pop just enough by accessorizing – a big, chunky necklace, and a cute pair of flats with a touch of color. Finish it off with an Amber Heard-style brimmed hat and an over-sized bag, if you want to turn it a few notches up.


A Touch of “Flare”


One of the best parts of back to school is the chance to start fresh and change your style to match your blossoming personality. If you’re coming to school with a hype new haircut, a badass new lip piercing, or a sick new tattoo, why not give your wardrobe an update, too? A big personality needs big apparel to match. You know where we’re going with this… 34” leg openings, baby.




Colorful Shorts


With summer still in full swing, we know you’re not ready to give up on shorts just yet. But for school, you’ve got to think a bit past the khakis and swim trunks. One of the hottest trends this summer is incorporating some color into your wardrobe via your shorts. Classic blue, deep red, green, and even salmon-colored shorts are making waves this summer. Paired simply with a baggy white T-shirt, and a classic pair of skate shoes – you’ll feel as great as you look.


Jean shirts


The 90s are back - but in a much more contemporary kind of way. Jean shirts are a perfect fit to combine with your favorite black jeans or khaki-colored pants. Button it up with rolled sleeves, or leave it unbuttoned with a white T-shirt underneath for a more dressed down look. Pair with white Cons or chunky Docs.


Go Big or Go Home


For those end-of-summer temperatures, your legs need some breathing room.  Keep it cool and breezy with wide leg jeans like our all-time classic Kangaroos, Mammoths, Gorillas, and Crime Scenes. You might want to choose a pair with a stash pocket…for gum. What did you think we were going to say? Gotta keep fresh!


Don’t make back to school shopping complicated. Give your style a bit of thought before you head out to the stores, know what vibe you’re going for and you’ll be sure to find that back-to-school style that’s perfect for you.

Diana Restrepo
Diana Restrepo

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