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What Makes a Perfect Tee?

by Amanda Murray March 27, 2017

What Makes a Perfect Tee?

What’s in a tee? Is it simply a garment we wear out of necessity? Or is there more to it than just fabric and tags? Here at JNCO there is no question about it: a tee must be perfect. A tee must fit you so wonderfully that you never want to take it off. It should become an extension of your personality and something you look forward to wearing the next day. We take clothing very seriously at JNCO and as a result you get the best available products on the market.

Here’s a bit about our tees..

Our tees are 100% cotton and the right amount of baggy for everyday comfort. We have so many designs to offer for men and women that you can literally wear a different tee every day for weeks on end. From our classic Crime Scene Tee to our Skunk Tee and everything in between, there is a design for every personality. The shirts are so comfortable that we won’t be surprised if you want to sleep in them. It’s probably best to change your shirt every day if you plan to sleep in them however, we get that they’re comfy but taking them off every now and then for washing is an important task.

Crime scene tee

Now we are especially proud of our women’s line because women are typically more difficult to please, there’s really no denying that. The women’s tees provide our JNCO females with the right amount of tight, but not too much so. With cap sleeves and a bit of extra body length the tees are perfect for all women’s shapes and sizes. There is a huge selection of designs and colours for women’s tees which is awesome because you can have tees for all occasions!

JNCO Women's Tee

A tee is such an important part of any wardrobe because of its versatility. It can be worn in all seasons, on its own or under a sick comfy hoody. A tee can add design and style to your outfit and set the tone for how comfortable your day is. Don’t settle for anything less than perfect. JNCO has perfected the art of making the perfect tee and is thrilled to share it with the world! Or at least with those who are brave enough to don the best brand of all time. When you see someone wearing JNCO you can automatically tell so many things about them. First, they have great taste, and second they are guaranteed to be comfortable in whatever they are wearing. Join the JNCO movement and bring comfort to your daily wardrobe.   

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Amanda Murray
Amanda Murray

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