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7 Cool Things I Found in My Old JNCO Jean’s Deep Ass Pockets

by JNCO JEANS June 29, 2017

7 Cool Things I Found in My Old JNCO Jean’s Deep Ass Pockets

Last weekend, while doing a little spring-cleaning (as one is wont to do in spring), I discovered an old leather chest in the far corner of my attic. Now, I’ve lived in my apartment since graduating high school in the late ‘90s, so needless to say, I have accumulated a lot of junk. But this chest called to me, like the beating drums of a yet to be discovered Jumanji game. 

After dragging the chest downstairs, blowing off the accumulated dust, and sneezing a dozen times, I opened the chest to find a bunch of awesome 90’s digs from the carefree days of my youth. Along with a bunch of old band tees and some hemp necklaces (yeah, I know), I also found a sweet old pair of JNCO Mammoths. While this was a super cool find, what most excited me was the 7 items I found in my JNCO’s many notoriously deep pockets. I felt like a veritable Mary Poppins as I discovered treasure after treasure in these pockets.

The items I found in my old JNCO’s pockets reveal a simpler time, when life was good and worries were minimal. We know this time as the 1990’s.

Let’s take a look at my JNCO Jeans time-capsule pocket finds.

Find #1: Goosebumps Book: Night of the Living Dummy

The first thing I uncovered in the pockets of my old JNCO jeans was a tattered paperback Goosebumps book, Night of the Living Dummy.Now I have no idea why this was in these pants, as I certainly wasn’t reading Goosebumps at this age. Perhaps my mom recklessly stuffed the book in my pants when packing them up or perhaps, while waxing nostalgic one day, I happened to shove the book into my back pocket, where it fell into the void of Mammoth pockets never to be seen again.

Either way, the cover still gave me the creeps – the dead-eyed puppet, staring straight into my soul, urging me to open the cover and discover the horrors waiting.

Find #2: Beavis and Butt-Head Do America VHS

In one of the front pockets I found a VHS copy of Beavis and Butt-Head Do America, the great social commentary of our time. Just kidding, but seriously it’s a pretty awesome movie.

While I no longer have a VHS player, I found a digital copy on a movie-streaming site, and I must say, the film holds up. It’s still hilarious and still totally stupid.

Find #3 & 4: The Cure’s Disintegration CD and Sony Discman

Perhaps the item most telling of my social identity during those years was a copy of The Cure’s Disintegration CD cozily nestled inside a Sony Discman. I have such fond memories of walking extra slow to avoid disc skipping, while the words to “Pictures of You” pierced through my soul.

While I never took the plunge into the world of high school gothdom, unsure if makeup was my thing, I certainly rubbed shoulders with that world and hey, The Cure are simply the best. I don’t care who you are.

Find #5: An Element Tech Deck Fingerboard

I found the next two of my JNCO jean’s treasures in the same pocket, which paints an interesting picture if you ask me.

Firstly, I discovered an old Element-brand Tech Deck Fingerboard. I have such pleasant memories of sitting in detention messing around with these boards. They were basically the fidget spinners of our day, i.e., a means of keeping hyperactive kids in their seats and listening, while allowing them a means of keeping their hands busy. Although, most teachers confiscated them anyway. #notbitter

Find #6: A Pack of Dunkaroos

Secondly, I found an opened pack of Dunkaroos.

No, I didn’t eat them.

But I did open them, and let’s just say the icing wasn’t exactly mummified, but it wasn’t a typical decomposition either.

Find #7: Epic Chain Wallet

Lastly, in the right butt pocket of my 90’s JNCO jeans I found a sweet old chain wallet. I remember feeling like a king skating down the street as my chain gently rattled along my thigh, alerting the neighbors to stay inside.

Things will never again be so simple.


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