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Sweatpants Are Really All You Need

by Amanda Murray December 26, 2016

Sweatpants Are Really All You Need

Sweatpants have a bad rep. Admittedly, they are dangerous style territory but since when does that stop the intrepid and the bold? We say bring it on. The true qualities of sweatpants are only too often overlooked by people who want to "look stylish" or whatever. But sometimes, we all just want to be comfortable, don’t we? And there the sweatpants will be, waiting with their elastic waistlines and soft cotton pant legs….aahhhh. This one goes out to these fashion-neglected unsung heroes of our wardrobe!

You want to trick the world into thinking your incredibly comfortable pants are a stroke of SoCal style genius? We’ve got something in store for you. Our new JNCO Convertible Sweatpants only have your eternal comfort in mind and nothing less. Their knee zippers help you step up your couch potato style in any season and will become a serious staple of your comfy street style. Once you own these magic baggies, you’re going to want to wear them all the time because they have everything you need: loose fit, classic JNCO style and endless huge pockets to stash all of your cash. Oh, sweet fashion god….


When it comes to choosing the style that's right for you, it’s the little details that will make it or break it. You want each pair of sweats to feel like an extension of your everyday rebel wardrobe, not just pajama pants you've thrown on the way to the bagel store. We get that.


The ultimate pair of sweatpants is so hard to find in this jeggings world, we felt it’s only responsible of us to design sweats that are exactly what they’re meant to be: baggy, ultra comfy, and 100% JNCO style-approved! Meet our JNCO Tagger Sweatpants. These super-fresh looking retro style graffiti gems are everything you’ve ever wanted and more. The hot blue street style sweats consist of 60% cotton and 40% polyester to give you the kind of slouch-happiness you’ve never even dared to dream off and to make sure you’re on top of your game the white JNCO graffiti tag on the right leg makes you the style compass even at that bagel store.



So, if you’re eager now to show the world your sweatpants A-game or still need the perfect gift for your SoCal pal, go right ahead. We’ve got you covered! These aren’t your grandpa’s sweatpants. These are sweetpants.

Amanda Murray
Amanda Murray

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