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Sun's Out Guns Out: It's JNCO T-Shirt Season!

by JNCO JEANS May 25, 2018

Sun's Out Guns Out: It's JNCO T-Shirt Season!

On the list of conversation stoppers, the phrase “I don’t wear t-shirts” should be near the top. To modern-day ears, it’s like hearing, “I don’t eat food” or “I don’t breathe oxygen.”

These days, nearly everybody wears t-shirts. Even infants are brought home from the hospital wearing tiny “Got Milk” tees (bought by grandma, who has the definition of “Glamma” printed across her purple crew neck T).

Through t-shirts, we make political statements, celebrate championships and make people laugh. Through JNCO t-shirts, we send out a seriously cool vibe.

Time to Put on Your “T-Shirt History 101” T-Shirt

The word “t-shirt” made it into the dictionary sometime in the 1920’s. What was once just another undergarment began seeing the light of day when sailors and laborers took off their outer garments while working.

Soon men everywhere were wearing t-shirts for work and play. In the ‘60’s, novelty T’s became a must-have fashion statement.

Now, in 2018, both men and women have drawers full of t-shirts. Like jeans, t-shirts are a “unisexy” wardrobe staple.

JNCO T-Shirts

As spring turns to summer, it’s time to put away your sweaters and jackets and break out your T’s and shorts.


If you prefer a smaller logo (with a larger logo on the back), check out this JNCO t-shirt. This “business up front, party in the back” design makes this shirt the mullet of t-shirts.

This JNCO t-shirt is available in red, royal, heather and black.

The JNCO LA Map Tee

JNCO started on the streets of Los Angeles, so this JNCO t-shirt is the perfect embodiment of all things JNCO and SoCal.

Behind the JNCO LA lettering is a map of LA giving it an extra awesome Cali vibe.

This crew neck T comes in classic white.

JNCO 85 Jersey Tee

This JNCO t-shirt isn’t a tight tee—it’s nothing like you’d see on a guy with a man-bun. It’s roomy so you don’t have to suck in your gut from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

The number 85 on the front will have people asking, “What’s ‘85’ stand for?” Depending on your mood—and how fast you can run-- you could say, “My I.Q” or “Your I.Q.”

Rocker Tee

Sorry, guys, it’s Ladies Night! Not all JNCO t-shirts are for men.

Ms. Rockstar smashing her guitar screams empowerment. The punk rock cartoon is whimsical, yet it sends the message, “Don’t mess with me”!

The 100% combed cotton is comfortable and flattering.

I Love JNCO Tee

This JNCO t-shirt is made for men and women because both men and women love JNCO.

Instead of wearing your heart on your sleeve, wear on the front of your shirt.



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