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Show Your Wild Side

by Joseph Cohen May 15, 2017

Show Your Wild Side

You’ve got to love animals. Fierce yet fluffy, stubborn but soft, smart and sneaky all at once. Do you like to play to your animal instincts? JNCO has fully embraced our wild side, and we happily offer it up to you for your wearing pleasure. Some of our favorite animals have been immortalized in our wild animal designs, so let’s take a look at some of our showstoppers.

Skunk Shorts

Show your feisty side by sporting the 13” leg opening Skunk Shorts. Skunks are unpredictable, just as a lot of our valued customers so it’s basically the perfect animal to sport on your shorts. These are incredibly comfortable, baggy, and never slim-fitting shorts.

Mammoth Jeans

When you use the word Mammoth to describe something, it’s a pretty safe bet that it’s huge. Mammoths aren’t known for their cute and cuddly nature, and these jeans are certainly not in the realm of cute and cuddly. You will feel like a mammoth as you walk down the street in these 32” leg opening and you will demand the respect of those around you, just like the mammoth did. RIP mammoths.

Mammoth Twill Pants


Basically a carbon copy of the mammoth jeans but in a lightweight twill material. “Twill” sounds like an old man material, but we guarantee you no one will mistake these for “slacks.” These mammoth twill pants are just as mammoth-y as their jean siblings.

Kangaroo Jeans


With pockets so huge you can literally fit an animal in them if you wanted to, we’ve set the scene for exactly that with our Kangaroo Jeans. This is no normal kangaroo, he is donned with his boxing gloves and is a born badass, just like those who are lucky enough to own these Kangaroo Jeans.

Bulldog Jeans


Bulldogs are fierce! That’s a fact. But they are also loyal, just as JNCO customers who have been proudly repping our products since the 90s. Nothing shows your wild side like our Bulldog Jeans. Just think about it, bulldogs are comfortable in their own skin, they’re confident, strong, and dependable. Sounds pretty much like JNCO’s beloved customers.

Rhino Jeans


This Rhino looks like he’s ready to charge. He’s not about to sit down and be quiet. These jeans define what it means for you to be an animal.

Gorilla Jeans


 Straight out of your class pictures from the 90s, the Gorilla Jeans are back with a vengeance. Be the king of the jungle, the skatepark, or even the office park if that’s your jam! Wherever you go wearing gorilla jeans, people will know you are in charge.

Joseph Cohen
Joseph Cohen

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