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Out of this World Outerwear

by Amanda Murray November 28, 2016

Out of this World Outerwear

This holiday season, stay warm and cozy up with some of our ultimate winter gear that will have your cousins and (even grandma) asking where you got your clothing. Whether it’s hanging out with friends, dressing to impress with the holiday sweaters, or simply finding the right coat that you can feel and look good in, JNCO has what you need.


Uppercut Novelty Holiday Sweater


Looking to up your game for the holiday sweater party? The Uppercut Novelty Holiday Sweater brings the perfect touch of holiday fun, with the extra side of sassy Santa-Roo. Get the conversation going and liven up that party with it. Plus, this sweater is 100% cotton jacquard knit, with rib-knit stitching on the crew collar, cuffs and bottom. So you can throw it over your favorite shirt or by itself – either way it will keep you warm and toasty this winter.


Hipster Pullover Hoodie


Whether hipster is the name of your game, or if you’re looking to buy your friend the perfect sweater to go along with the gift-giving season, the JNCO Hipster Pullover Hoodie was made for that reason. It’s simple and comfy with just the right amount of holiday cheer that hipsters love to secretly embrace. And, the Santa embellishment that’s printed on the back is also done locally in the US (you know, in case you really want to impress your inner hipster style or friend).


Four20 Novelty Holiday Sweater


Well, if you’re really looking to make a splash at the family gathering this Christmas, why not combine your love of four20, with your love for the epic ugly Christmas sweater . Also made from 100% jacquard knit, it lets you fully embrace the spirit of Christmas, as well as your love for relaxation.


Drab Hooded Parka


Don’t let the name fool you - there’s no drab in this design. Heading out to those holiday parties, or even for a run on the slopes, you need the convenience and swag of this hooded parka . It lets you stay dry and warm, comfy and cool, all the while still being able to dress it up and look sharp for those weekend after parties.


Embrace your style by getting the ultimate gear that’s out of this world. Whether you’re looking to stay comfy and warm, hit the slopes in style, or up your game for the ugly Christmas sweater party – JNCO has got everything you need to keep the holiday spirit thriving, while still kicking it in your own individual style.





Amanda Murray
Amanda Murray

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