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New Women’s Baggy Pants

by JNCO JEANS May 14, 2018

New Women’s Baggy Pants

Since the 1990’s, JNCO jeans have been the leader in women’s baggy jeans. For nearly 30 years, there have been many imitators but only one real deal. Buying a pair of women’s baggy jeans from another company is like claiming you love Fruity Pebbles but eating the less expensive cereal called Fruity Dyno-Bites. It’s just not the same.

As you are putting together your 2018 wardrobe, don’t wear Fruity Dyno-Bites.

How to Wear Women’s Baggy Jeans

If you’re new to the women’s baggy jeans club, you may be uncertain about how to wear this casual style but still look put together.

When it comes to women’s baggy jeans, proportion is your friend. Structured jackets and tops nicely balance looser jeans. High heels always give a more polished look to any comfortable outfit. Loosely tucking in a t-shirt and pairing with a long necklace gives a bohemian feel.

Of course, a JNCO t-shirt, white sneakers and a great pair of sunglasses always works.

Skinny jeans can make you look like you’re trying too hard. Women’s baggy jeans are all about showing the world you’re relaxed and confident.

New JNCO Women’s Baggy Jeans

JNCO BASIX Wide Leg Cropped Jeans

Nothing shows off a pair of awesome heels better than the JNCO BASIX mid-rise cropped jeans.

This pair of women’s baggy jeans give a modern flair to a retro style. The 24-inch leg opening has a slightly frayed bottom which is super in this year. The 1% Spandex give the 99% cotton a little more stretch.

The medium stone wash is perfect for day and night. The long front pockets work great as an embellishment and/or a place to hold your essentials.

The JNCO label is proof you only buy the best. Available in sizes 1-17.

JNCO FIXIN’ Carpenter Jeans Light Stone Wash

When you want to play hard and work hard (or just look like you work hard) these are the best women’s baggy jeans to wear.

The 22-inch leg opening will nicely compliment your favorite low-top Converse. A JNCO tank top will make this outfit a favorite all summer long.

The long side pocket is perfect for a vape pen (or tools if you want to work hard.) The JNCO girl logo and light stone wash give a feminine touch to these rugged pants.

JNCO FIXIN’ Carpenter Jeans Medium Stone

If you want all the durability and style of the FIXIN’ Carpenter jean but in a darker color, then add this item to your shopping cart.

Or, better yet, purchase one of each.

Like the JNCO BASIX, these jeans are also available in sizes 1-17 making these women’s baggy jeans a great fit for every woman.

Oldies but Goodies

JNCO is currently having a sale so now would be great time to check out some of their other ultra-cool women’s baggy jeans.

The Red HYPNOTIX Jeans in either black or light wash are a perennial favorite. The JNCO CLASSIX, MINI Jeans and CHIMES are selling out fast!


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