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JNCO Influencer Series: Alanna Pearl

by Amanda Murray October 24, 2016

JNCO Influencer Series: Alanna Pearl

Alanna Pearl is a photographer, model, filmmaker, artist, and stylist based in LA. We had the chance to chat with Alanna about how she got into photography, what she loves most about her career, and what drew her to JNCO.


Via Alanna Pearl Instagram (@alannapearl)

What's your hometown, where do you live now?

I'm originally from Durango Colorado, & have been in LA 5 years now.


How did you get into modeling/photography/art/fashion and what inspired you?

I suppose just always having an interest in expressing myself visually. I like to let people know my mood without saying anything just by making a statement in what I wear. I painted & played with photography in high school & photography was definitely the one that stuck with me. I love making up stories to go behind a scene that makes the mind wonder. 


Who are your biggest influences? 

Growing up I always looked at David LaChapelle & Miles Aldridge's photos for inspiration in my paintings. It engrained on me so much I still look to their same photos I looked at when I was 12/13/14 to see a whole new world outside of what I had known, are what I now still use often as inspiration & reference in my own shoots. I'm also very lucky to be integrated in a creative group of friends in LA that offer an endless source of inspiration. I'm inspired by my best friends every day.


What project are you most proud of? 

Never proud, but thankful to have worked on set with LaChapelle on multiple occasions since I have been assisting his stylist for a bit over a year now. Every job we work on is a dream come true & I feel on cloud 9 the whole time. Reaching out & working with JNCO has also been an amazing experience & those are photos I am very proud of, for creative direction, producing & styling the shoot.


From JNCO photoshoot with Alanna Pearl and Josephine Pearl Lee


What do you like best about your career?

That for the most part I work for myself. I create my own work & that is something I will fight to do for the rest of my life! I love to be creative with garments & envision them in ways others may not to provide inspiration to stand out from the crowd. I think this is why I worked so well with JNCO.


If you had one piece of advice for a young person looking to break into this business, what would it be?

Always trust your instincts & get to know them. Get to know yourself!


What are your goals for the next year? What are your biggest aspirations?

Many goals, I plan on my peers getting to know me more in the next year & being able to identify my work. 


Via Alanna Pearl Instagram (@alannapearl)


What do you like best about JNCO?

Right now what I like best about JNCO is the fact they relaunched. That is the best analogy to what they have always stood for to me. They are here to stay!


How does JNCO align with your lifestyle?

JNCO aids in a nostalgic feel of standing out & never fitting in. A way of life I so firmly believed in when I got my first pair in 3rd grade. I loved them to pieces & they made me feel comfortable. JNCO aligns with my lifestyle because I don't dress for comfort I dress to make myself feel comfortable.


Why does JNCO work so well for art/photography?

I'm a sucker for an extreme silhouette & JNCO never fails to deliver. Add in the cute patches & embroidery & I'm obsessed. 


Why do you think there's a demand for this kind of fashion again?

I mean the internet’s obsession with nostalgia & the resurgence of each decade calls for all the old brands to make a comeback. Each one can make an extreme impact if marketed correctly. 


What's your favorite JNCO product?

I honestly wear my XXL Camo Hoodie almost every day. To sleep & to go out haha.


Why would you recommend JNCO to others?

I don't have to recommend, the clothes speak for themselves. They are waiting for your modern take on these old school pieces. 


Keep up with Alanna’s work by visiting her website, following her on Instagram @alannapearl, Twitter @pearlthejewel, and Facebook.

Amanda Murray
Amanda Murray

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