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JNCO Father’s Day Gift Guide

by JNCO JEANS June 06, 2018

JNCO Father’s Day Gift Guide

Let’s be honest, we spend more time choosing Mother’s Day gifts than Father’s Day gifts. And we spend more money on mom as well.

On average, Americans fork over 13 billion bucks each year on dear old dad, while we shell out 21 billion when Mother’s Day rolls around.

The Father’s Day gifts we do buy tend to be a bit insulting. A razor and an electric screwdriver says, “Hey, dad, why don’t you clean up and get something done?!” (Imagine if you gave mom tweezers and a vacuum cleaner for Mother’s Day. You wouldn’t live to see Father’s Day.) 

When we opt for clothes, it’s often something dad can wear to work: a tie or a button-down shirt. You might as well give him a card that says, “Dad, thank for spending time with me. Now, get out there and make more money.

This year, get your old man something that won’t make him feel like an old man. Forget about the Father’s Day gifts that focus on working at home or working at work. Get dad something that will make him feel cool again.

JNCO Father’s Day gifts are what your dad wanted before he was a dad. Not only will he look great but JNCO will give him permission to just chill.

JNCO Indicator Cargo Shorts 

Every man needs a pair of cargo shorts. It’s always appreciated when Father’s Day gifts are something a man wants and needs. 

The JNCO Indicator cargo shorts, have a loose but tailored look. The Velcro cargo pockets are perfect for keeping dad’s wallet safe which is important when you want to borrow money. 

The JNCO crown embroidered logo will make dad the coolest dad at the BBQ. 

JNCO Stinger Corduroy Shorts in Black

If your dad isn’t a cargo shorts type of dude give him a pair of JNCO Stinger shorts. These 100% cotton corduroy shorts are stylish enough for night out but comfortable enough for a lazy day in.

The deep back pockets are perfect for carrying those tools you gave to dad last Father’s Day.

The JNCO Universal Zip Up Fleece Jacket

Father’s Day gifts should say I care and nothing says “I care” more than a jacket to keep dad warm.

The JNCO Universal zip up fleece has a Sherpa-lined layer great for chilly nights on the beach. The retro logo will give dad an excuse to relive the good old days. 

JNCO Lieutenant Camo Jacket

Salute dad this Father’s Day with a JNCO Lieutenant Camo jacket.

This Army inspired jacket is perfect for the man who does more before 9 AM than most people do all day. The rugged material will help dad battle the elements all year long.

JNCO 85 Jersey Tee


When dad asks you what the “85” stands for, just tell him it’s the age he’ll be when he retires. If he doesn’t laugh, 85 will be the speed you reach while running away.

Father’s Day gifts should make dad look like the badass he really is. This one-of-a-kind tee isn’t too tight or too loose. As Baby Bear would say,  “It’s just right.” 

JNCO Pyramid Dad Hat

At JNCO, we love Dad Hats and we’re convinced, dad will love our Dad Hats too.

Hats are great Father’s Day gifts because you don’t need to know a correct size and most of our dad have heads. (If your dad doesn’t have a head, then a head would make a great gift.) 

Keep dad’s noggin protected from the sun this summer with this 100% cotton adjustable strapback.

Everything Must Go 

JNCO is having a 55% off sitewide sale so you can buy great Father’s Day gifts this year without breaking the bank. It will give you more money to spend on mom next May.















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