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JNCO Celebrates 7/10 National Oil Day with a 42% Sitewide Sale!

by JNCO JEANS July 10, 2017

JNCO Celebrates 7/10 National Oil Day with a 42% Sitewide Sale!

It’s almost 7/10, known colloquially among stoners as National Oil Day!

7/10, which spells OIL when flipped upside and reversed, is a day when pot smokers around the world meet up with friends to smoke marijuana concentrates and extracts, such as hash oil and other forms of dabs, such as budder, shatter, honeycomb, and solvent, etc. 7/10 is all about the dabs, in contrast to 4/20, which celebrates the smoking of flower, i.e., actual bud.

If you don’t know what dabs are don’t feel bad. That just means you’re over the age of the 25 and likely don’t live in one of the states where recreational marijuana is legal. Basically, dabs are concentrated hash extracted from marijuana plants using butane, CO2, nitrogen, or solventless. 

If this all sounds a bit technical, don’t worry about it. All you need to know is that dabs are crazy potent forms of hash containing much more THC than your typical bag of bud, which results in getting you insanely stoned when smoked. 

What’s the Deal with Dabs?

When speaking about dabs, dab can be used as both a noun and verb. One dabs a dab to get all dabbed up, ya dig?

While people have been dabbing since the 60’s, it didn’t really take off as a thing until around 2006-2008. While dabs get you way more high than flower, they are actually healthier for you than smoking traditional bud since you aren’t inhaling the plant matter via combustion, but vaporizing pure THC, which is more pure and less harmful on the lungs.

If you’ve never smoked dabs or seen someone smoking dabs, it can be somewhat shocking. While you can smoke dabs in a vape pen, most people opt to smoke dabs using what’s called a “rig”, which is a modified bong that has a titanium nail where the bowl-piece would normally go. You must heat the nail with a blowtorch and then use a “dabber,” i.e., a little metal spoon-like tool, to place a little dab chunk on the nail, vaporizing the dab that you then inhale. It’s kind of a crazy sight if you’ve never seen it before. In fact, when dabs first hit the weed markets, many old heads were against them, as they thought the image of someone using a blowtorch to smoke weed appeared a little too druggy and hurt the legalization movement. But in the end, the opposition was negligible and the overwhelming enthusiasm of dabbers triumphed.

Today, you can acquire dabs at your local marijuana dispensary, if you happen to live in a free state. 

JNCO Jeans: Storewide Sale 42% Off!

Here at JNCO, we’ve always supported counterculture in its many forms. We are all about freedom to explore, experiment, and break new frontiers, and every explorer whether skater or psychonaut needs the perfect uniform – and what better than a kickass pair of baggy JNCO jeans? 

That’s why this 7/10, in honor of Dab Day, we are offering a sitewide 42% sale on all items!

So before you get too baked to type this Dab Day, make sure to stop by JNCO and grab yourself a gnarly pair of JNCO jeans. JNCO’s many pockets are perfect for discreetly storing your holiday decorations this 7/10.

And don’t worry about having to remember a sale code or anything like that. Simply grab your Stone Wash Half Pipes, Crown Twins, or whatever JNCOs strike your fancy and checkout! Simple as pie! The sale will automatically apply to all items.

Happy Dab Day you filthy animals! Remember to be safe, and in the words of Jeff Garlin, “A Lil Dab’ll Do Ya.”


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