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I’m a Jeanie in a Bottle, Baby…

by Amanda Murray July 04, 2016

I’m a Jeanie in a Bottle, Baby…

It doesn’t matter if you’re kicking back at home, strutting your stuff on the town, or dolling up for a wild night with the ladies, jeans are well suited to every occasion. Read around the web and you’ll find fashion icon after fashion icon professing their love for stylin’ JNCO jeans. The 90s may be long past, but people are finally wising up and realizing that the style game was on pointback in the day. These are the most popular items in our collection for you girls out there who know that while clothes make the man, a good pair of jeans elevates the woman:


JNCO Jeans Classix are a good entry pair if you love the idea of 90s throwback but you’re not quite ready to dive into epic 34” leg openings. These jeans fit in pretty well with modern style, and the oh-so-cute colorful JNCO graphic on the back pocket gives it that playful 90s touch. The classic fit, tastefully flared bottoms and high rise make these jeans a versatile choice.

Blue Hypnotix

Inspired by the cool waves of the Pacific Ocean that lap California’s western shores, Blue Hypnotix are the true #wavy, right Wiz? Made of 99% cotton with 1% spandex for extra stretch and comfort, these jeans are a must in every collection. If you’re not the type for understated and subtle is not in your vocabulary, you’ve come to the right place.

Solid State Jeans

Let’s be honest, the state of women’s fashion is anything but solid these days. Apparently overalls are making a comeback which, just…no. If you long for the days when outfits turned heads for the rightreasons, JNCO Solid States are definitely up your alley. With 34” leg openings, these jeans are slick.

JNCO Chimes

The best part of JNCO Chimes may be how they seem to transcend generations. On the one hand, the cute flare design with 23” leg openings is oh-so 90s, while the embroidered chimes bring to mind the 60s’ flower power. And of course, they still fit in just as well with modern style, so it’s a win win win.


Close your eyes and think of the perfect pair of jeans. I’m going to guess they’re probably blue, whether it’s that classic blue denim or stone washed indigo with some character. Those are awesome selections, but there’s something to be said for dark and mysterious black denim. All the comfort of blue jeans with a touch of extra swagger, what’s not to love?

Paul Allee said it best in a recent comment on a JNCO blog post: “The fashion industry has copied and pasted the standard five pocket jean design over and over from brand to brand, [but only JNCO] has challenged the basic structure of what we think of as jeans.” Ladies out there: you deserve a pair of jeans that looks good, feels good, and doesn’t conform to today’s cookie cutter style. Who’s with me?

Amanda Murray
Amanda Murray

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