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Find Your Ultimate Summer Style

by Joseph Cohen June 22, 2016

Find Your Ultimate Summer Style

OK, so it’s hot out now. We get it. Baggy jeans aren’t for everyone when it’s 86 degrees out and you’re sweating your you-know-whats off. Luckily we’ve thought of everything so you don’t have to compromise on your summer style. You’re welcome.

An essential part of your badass summer streetwear has got to be a T-shirt. Our tees aren’t like the hipster skin tight T-shirts, or those bags of T-shirts your grandpa buys that come from the same store where you can pick up diapers and guns. Our shirts are comfortable and stylish with a classic fit. Check out the sizing chart to find the right fit – just remember if you prefer a baggier look to buy a size up. We’ve got those throwback JNCO tees you know and love, like the Crime Scene Tee, Kangaroo Tee, and Skunk Tee. Ladies, we’ve got you covered too, because everyone should be able to wear stylin’ tees this summer.

What goes great with an awesome tee on a dripping hot day where the wall of heat hits you like an inferno? Shorts. But none of these spandex shorty shorts we all want to disappear from the face of the planet. No, we do shorts the right way. Baggy, comfortable and awesome. None of our shorts have less than a 13” inseam, which is how shorts should be. Do you ever need to hold stuff when you’re out all day? Lucky for you our shorts have pockets that can hold way more than just a few coins. But you can also move freely when wearing them so they’re perfect for skateboarding in the summer heat. Our best-selling shorts are Scoop Pocket Shorts, JNCO Indicator Cargo Shorts (available in khaki and black twill), and JNCO Equalizer Shorts in black denim.

We’re really excited about the return of JNCO First Class Originals Carpenter Shorts in a light stonewash, a new arrival in the JNCO store! If you remember back in the day, these carpenter shorts were one of the gems of the JNCO collection, and thanks to popular demand they’re once again available for sale.

And hey, if you want to wear baggy jeans all summer long because that’s the way you roll, we don’t blame you. Let’s be honest, you really can’t go wrong this summer. So here’s to hot summer days, cool summer nights, and living your best life in clothes designed with care for the chosen ones.

Joseph Cohen
Joseph Cohen

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