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Fall Jam Spotlight with Daniel "Superman" Villa

by Amanda Murray January 30, 2017

Fall Jam Spotlight with Daniel "Superman" Villa

  We had the chance to catch up again with Daniel “Superman” Villa, who we first profiled in our Influencer Series . This fall, Daniel hosted a skate competition in Peoria, AZ. We talked about hosting his first event and the role that skating can play in the community:


What was it like hosting your first ever event? Any nervousness at all?

Being able to successfully host my first ever skateboard event was absolutely a dream come true! Something I've always had my sights out to do, and when it comes to being nervous the day of I would be lying if I said I wasn’t the slightest bit nervous, but I know the most of what I was feeling was an extremely high level of exciting and satisfaction of enjoying the fruits of my labors watching everything come together as a fun, solid, and legit Fall Jam Competition.

I was ecstatic to have my wife Petrunka Stroud and my little 5 year old munchkin Sofia Villa with me tending the event in heavy support, and overall the experience truly was nothing less of amazing and joyously heartfelt watching it all unfold right before my eyes

In total I was able to bring together four of my Sponsors together JNCO Jeans, Bombas, Socks, Rock Star Bearings, and Six Starz Skate and Surf Co. My main goal in going thru these lengths to make something like this happen is to bring people of the skateboarding and non-skateboarding community together to do great things for one another and the communities to make a positive difference for everyone. Not to mention re-influencing and Re-infusing the JNCO Jeans brand into the skate community was definitely one of my top priorities in having JNCO Sponsor the event! 

In order to make this all work I decided to collaborate with Phoenix Skateboards owner Jon Parker whom also brought together a plethora of his own sponsor connects such as Cowtown Skateboards, 1 Love Sk8, Type D, Flik Griptape, 91 West Skate park, Sidewalk Surfer, Klick, Dirty Pirate Ink, and many more together covering a variety of things in support of the Jam!  We both worked extremely hard for months to ensure all was well by Nov. 19th and we feel we prevailed with flying colors in the end of all things. 

In addition to all the other excitement I also was able to experience judging the Sponsored Division for the very first time as well, and come to find I have a niche for judging given my scores were pretty much almost identical in comparison to the tenured judges!! The whole experience was insanely enjoyable getting to organize/coordinate, pick the best skaters for the cash prizes, and getting to assist in handing out all the prizes as well as throw product for the product toss at the end made it all that much sweeter as things wrapped up for the day. I honestly can’t wait for the next one.


Which of the tricks performed impressed you the most? Any epic falls?

Those kids skating out there have heart no doubt! Personally from being a local to quite a lot of skate parks let alone most skate competitions in the state I’ve really had a good line of sight in watching all these kids excel over time. 

So I’ve got to say they all really impressed me regardless of trick complexity, but I also will say this some of my favorite tricks were thrown down on the Transition sections of the park as well as the huge 9-10 stair with the hand rail where I saw some absolutely jaw dropping blow your mind kind of tricks such as a 360 to board slide on the hand rail down the stairs, or even all the flip to grind tricks thrown down for best trick also! They all killed it with passion for sure!!!

Why do you feel so strongly about raising awareness for issues and giving back to the community?

I feel strong about raising awareness because of a variety of reasons. To boot I’ve always had a heart for strong, firm, and trustworthy organizations that actually work to make a difference in the local and even national communities. 

In addition I’ve always racked my mind on how I could possibly do something big enough to be able to pull together a large crowd for a definitive purpose such as a food drive to help St. Mary’s Food Bank for instance, and what better way to accomplish this than to infuse skateboarding into the mix and create, coordinate, and host a skate competition that’s different than your typical.

In doing so give back to organizations that help others in various ways. This allows me to kill multiple birds with one stone. Since I was little I've always been surrounded by skateboarders some of which I can consider family, and thru the years being a person with a solid mind and heart seeing skateboarders and skateboarding as a whole belittled, ridiculed, and given a bad reputation.

In contrast we just love to ride much like someone in a marathon, or even someone who likes to paint; skateboarding is our form of art and expression! If given the right opportunity I can guarantee skaters would also take making a difference more to heart than most making this all the better of an opportunity. 

By combining skateboarding and giving back to good causes while building awareness allows us as a community to grow closer together as well as allowing the non-skateboarding community to develop an unprecedented newfound perspective on how skateboarding and skateboarders are viewed.

This I strongly feel ultimately couldn't be a more positive move in my career as a Pro Skateboarder as well, and moving forward I know for as fact if we and other groups within other communities in different states maybe even other countries continue to come together to do the same the impact would be astronomical in the long haul, and it’ll be a seed to change the world of skateboarding and skateboard competitions for the better as well!

  We love the fact that you included kids' and women's skating divisions. How important is it to you to grow the love of skating outside of what people would expect? 

Having kids and women apart of this Fall Jam was an absolute must! Needless to say having such a broad age range definitely brought everything together in reference to diversity, but as for women and kids alone I feel its detrimental to build a lasting impression on both to really assist in spreading the social word as to how much fun they had and how much they would like to do this again further encouraging their return next year in addition to their friends and family growing the event year after year.

Furthermore in reference to women and children it’s extremely important to me to spread the word that anyone can accomplish skateboarding and even competing for that matter, and they should be encouraged to sign up and have fun or just simple engage in the fun of just being there a part of the spectators.

Regardless having more people engaged in the skate scene would be expose people to the simple fact that they could be out here enjoying it being a part of a community who really care for one another and want to make a difference among each other at the very least.

Now not to exclude the older kids I just feel that impacting the youth is important, and everlasting which this I say because of how I was impacted at a young age being around my posse of skateboarders, and a side note I sure wouldn’t be the same person nor as good an athlete if it weren’t for the encouragement and brotherly love taken in over the years from all the Paradise Valley/Phoenix Homies all around!! 

 As a measure of importance this is at the top of the list when it comes growing the love of skateboarding outside of what people would expect. As mentioned before a huge aspect of my overall goal is to change the perception people have over the skateboarding scene and those individuals who love to skate. Building additional lasting relationships with those in the non-skateboarding community and encourage as well as teach others to skateboard non-the less.

I as well as the thousands of others who have tenure as a skateboarder would agree that having skateboarding in their life has had drastic positively impacts on their life in some way shape or form if not many. I simply wish to share the same impact with others who are willing to give us a chance and want to also make a difference in their neighborhood.


What can skate fans do to support events and causes like this in the future?

I’m so glad you asked this question because I feel having people aware of how to keep in tune with what’s going on is most important for the growth and continuation of such events for similar causes!

First and foremost fans can provide the most support by following me on social media apps Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter @OneCrazySk8er as well as YouTube at 1CrazySk8er for the latest news and videos regarding upcoming and past events as they roll around. Second as things go down it’s an absolute must to spread the word to friends and family who you know would love to come out support, or even further spread the word from there on to their friends and family for that matter.

For those individuals, charities, organizations, and companies looking to discuss the possibility of collaborating in putting together an event of some sort are more than welcome to get in touch with me as well!

Pulling together as many companies to support things like prizes, park fees, food and drinks, trophies, etc. is crucial to getting a solid competition out of the woodworks and in action so the more help we can get is always the merrier!

Fans can also catch me skating in annual competitions provided and presented by Phoenix Skateboards, Cowtown Skateboards, KTR (Kids That Rip) Indoor Skate and Sports Center, 91 West Skate park, and the many others around Phoenix, AZ.

Even though I may not be hosting the event I feel it’s equally important to promote the growth of any skate competition provided its positive impact on the youth of our communities where as it may also not be for any such cause as a food drive or any other good cause initiative it’s still extremely important to continue to come together in support of such events all around!

Last but definitely not least the most impact can be made by having others in different states as well as other countries pull together for the same reason seeing as the more that can contribute will always lead to a greater and quicker impacts!

So again don’t forget to follow me on social media to keep in tune with any upcoming event and news as we move into 2017! It’s going to be fun!

What are your personal goals for the next event?

Now unfortunately it’s a bit more complex working all the kinks out with the city in relation to such things like food/clothing/school supply drives etc. as a part of the competition, but it’s not impossible either! Therefore we had a standard annual Fall Jam and decided to hold off for now on trying to coordinate how something like that would work all around.

In the future my overall goal is to move on to doing such things and gaining a better understanding of how to work with the cities requirements in relation to such things being held at a public park on city property. As for how long till the next event it may be held once again at the end of the 2017 if not before all depending on how things work out, and I know one thing for certain I will have another one of my sponsors Ryno Power Sports Supplements sponsoring the next competition!

Given all I have to do so far as a Father, Banker by day, Pro Skateboarder by night it wouldn’t be feasible to over promise additional competitions just yet beyond one per year, but I also plan at some point attempting to host my very own competition all on my own.

Collaborating seems to make the most sense in the meantime and it’s been absolutely pleasant working with Jon Parker owner of Phoenix Skateboards here in Phoenix AZ to get all this accomplished and come to life! Therefore working with him and possibly others next time may just be the case once again, and that I’m proud to say!

An additional primary goal for 2017 is to be able to connect with many more through the year which should give me an upper edge on being able to possibly pull more people together to host more events, and that's especially why it’s important to keep tabs on any news via my social media pages so that you don't miss a beat on how to be a part of things!
Always a pleasure to chat with Daniel. You can keep up with him and stay up-to-date on his upcoming competitions on  Instagram Facebook Twitter , and  YouTube , and stay tuned for his high-flying moves in 2017.


Amanda Murray
Amanda Murray

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