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Best JNCO Baggy Shorts for Spring

by JNCO JEANS March 12, 2018

Best JNCO Baggy Shorts for Spring

We all know a guy who wears baggy shorts year-round.

He wears them outside when it’s cold. He wears them inside to work. He may even wear them to a wedding if he can find baggy tuxedo shorts.

Many of us secretly envy the “year-round baggy shorts guy” because he always looks comfortable and ready for an adventure. The “year-round baggy shorts guy” is never uptight. The “year-round baggy shorts guy” is always fun-loving. The “year-round baggy shorts guy” doesn’t give a crap what tight pants-wearing people think about him.

Maybe the “year-round baggy shorts guy” is you!

Or maybe you’re the type of person who puts your baggy shorts away for six months but counts the days until spring?

The Long and Short of JNCO Baggy Shorts

Like all JNCO products, the JNCO baggy shorts are of the highest quality. They are designed with free spirits and iconoclasts in mind. Most JNCO shorts have a 13-inch seam but some are 17 inches.

Whether you need a pair of baggy shorts for skateboarding or just sitting on your couch watching a game, JNCO has a pair of baggy shorts for you.

The Indicator Indicates Good Times

The streetwear style isn’t just for the streets. These baggy jeans fit perfectly so you won’t look like you’re wearing jeans borrowed from a much bigger person.

The JNCO Indicator Cargo Shorts in Khaki are made of 100% cotton twill. They have deep front and rear pockets in addition to the cargo pockets on the side. The JNCO Crown and the JNCO Jeans logo are embroidered on the back, right pocket.

The Indicator is also available in black and navy.

jnco baggy shorts

Corduroy Isn’t Just for Pants Anymore

Don’t take scissors to your corduroy pants just to make a pair of corduroy baggy shorts.

The JNCO Stinger Corduroy Shorts come in olive, brown, black and sand. The unique Stinger logo is embroidered on the front. The back pockets are nearly as long as the baggy shorts themselves.

As we like to say at JNCO, just because they are corduroy shorts doesn’t mean you can call them “corts.”

jnco shorts

No Bull

This year, spend the dog days of summer with a dog on your baggy shorts.

The JNCO Bulldog Shorts in dark stone are called Bulldog shorts because there’s an awesome mean-ass bulldog embroidered on the back pocket. The ferociousness of the bulldog ironically compliments the chill vibe of the baggy shorts. The zip fly makes it easier to pee.

baggy shorts for spring

The Low-Down on the Low Down

Are you a light wash or dark wash kind of guy?

The JNCO Low Down Shorts are sold in light stone, dark stone, dark rinse and black so you can have every color in the denim rainbow.

The JNCO logo is embroidered on the back pocket so anybody staring at your ass will know you are wearing the real deal. When it comes to baggy shorts, accept no substitutes.


One or Two Scoops?

If you’re looking for an iconic pair of baggy shorts, look no further than the JNCO Scoop Pocket shorts.

The JNCO Scoop Pocket baggy shorts are so well made that people who bought them back in the ‘90’s are probably still wearing them today. But, it’s time for a new pair…or two. Make it two Scoops.

baggy spring shorts

Skunk Shorts Don’t Stink

Skunk Shorts may sound like a tiny jazz bass player but it’s the name of a baddass pair of baggy shorts.

The JNCO Skunk Shorts have an embroidered skunk on the back pocket hence the moniker. They come in black or light stone (which kind of sounds like a white rapper.)

skunk shorts

Four More Inches

If you don’t think a 13-inch inseam in a baggy short is quite long enough, JNCO has thoughtfully provided a longer option.

The JNCO First Class Originals Carpenter Shorts have a whopping 17-inch long, inseam, making them as close to pants as baggy shorts can get.

There is a carpenter pocket, deep back pockets and a divisional coin pocket to fulfill all your pocket needs.

baggy shorts for spring

Girls Also Want to Have Fun

Why should only the men be comfortable?

The JNCO Indicator Cargo Shorts in Camo with a 13-inch seam are relaxed fit, camouflage print baggy shorts stylish enough for any fashion-conscious woman. The deep cargo pockets mean you can leave the purse at home.

girls baggy shorts


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