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Best 90's Summer Activities to Bring Back in 2018

by JNCO JEANS April 25, 2018

Best 90's Summer Activities to Bring Back in 2018

If you don’t like summer, talk to the hand. If you didn’t like summer in the ‘90’s then you’re hella wacked.  

Summer is all about wicked good music, blockbuster movies and having as much fun in the air conditioning as you do in the great outdoors. Between the ‘80’s and the aughts, we had 10 amazing summers packed with activities which were so not boring.

This summer, don’t let temperatures be the only thing in the 90’s. By Labor Day, you should be saying, “I did some ‘90’s stuff, yadda yadda yadda, I had the best summer in decades.”


Technically, it’s called inline skating but we all knew it as Rollerblading.

In the ‘90’s, everybody strapped on these ski boots on wheels called Rollerblades. For some people, it was purely for exercise but most skated purely for fun.

This summer, go to a park and test out your old Rollerblading skills. Just make sure you pay your health insurance premiums first. 

Boogie Boarding

While everybody else is calmly paddleboarding this summer, you should tackle the waves on a vintage boogie board. (Although, today, people call them body boards.)

Boogie boarding exploded in the early ‘90’s and it was fun even for those of us who spent most of our day coughing up sea water.

Super Soaker Battles

A Super Soaker was more than just a water gun. It was a weapon of mass destruction. Shooting somebody with a Super Soaker was a blast. Being shot by one…not so much.

Liven up—or completely ruin—a pool party by bringing a fully loaded Super Soaker.

Hang at a Mall  

On a hot day, there is no better place than an air-conditioned mall. Sadly, now that folks prefer to make purchases online, malls have been closing at a rapid pace. But, people forget that malls weren’t just about shopping. 

On the first really hot day of summer, spend an entire day at the mall, just like we did in the ‘90’s. Eat at the food court, go to a movie and do some people watching, instead of looking at your phone.

To add to the ‘90’s feel, listen to some Nirvana, Green Day, Tupac, Janet Jackson, Boyz II Men, Shania Twain or TLC on the modern-day equivalent of a Discman.

Visit Disneyland or Disney World

Some people consider the 1990’s to be the best decade for Disney movies. When you see the list of films, it’s hard to argue. 

In the ‘90’s we watched Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King, Aladdin, Mulan, Toy Story and many, many more. 

Go visit Woody and Buzz where they live…and give them a great big hug. 

All That and a Bag of Books

The first Harry Potter book was published in 1997 and suddenly ‘90’s kids were reading again. (Even adults couldn’t get enough of this pre-pubescent wizard.)

However, other authors dominated the best-seller list throughout the decade. Stephen King, Scott Turow, Danielle Steel, Anne Rice, John Grisham and Tom Clancy all published books that were on everybody’s book shelves. (Now, they’re in every thrift shop.)

After a day of boogie boarding, lie down on the beach and crack open a popular novel from the 1990’s. You’ll be amazed by how many of the mysteries could have been solved if the characters had all owned cell phones.

Binge Watch ‘90’s Sitcoms

At least one weekend each summer is a total washout due to seemingly never-ending rain. Instead of moping, laugh the hours away with one of your favorite comedies.

Choosing the right one will be the hardest part. You could pick Seinfeld, Friends, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Frasier, Home Improvement, Roseanne, Boy Meets World, 3 rd Rock from the Sun, Full House, The Nanny or Mad About You. Honestly, the list of shows goes on forever.

So, sit in your comfiest chair, suck on a Ring Pop and watch ‘til you drop.

Go to an Arcade 

Remember playing Mortal Kombat, NBA Jam and Alien vs. Predator? Well, you don’t have to play those exact games to get that same ‘90’s feelings. 

Arcades are fun at any age. Seeing the lights and hearing all the noise from the other games makes it more fun than playing video games at home. 

Have a Chill Summer, yo!  





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