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Baggy Shorts for the Chosen Ones

by Diana Restrepo September 20, 2016 1 Comment

Baggy Shorts for the Chosen Ones

Having the right fit of shorts is crucial. Even your mom can’t deny that she has her favorite shorts that she would wear over and over again until she forces herself to wash them. But… we don’t make your mom’s shorts (unless your mom is unbelievable cool in which case, we are coming over for dinner), we make shorts for the chosen ones. The ones who refuse to sacrifice comfort for style. The ones who demand quality and satisfaction from every garment of clothing. The winners who choose JNCO clothing.

baggy shorts by jnco

Clearly we are passionate about our clothes, and we’ve held nothing back with our baggy shorts. See your favorite JNCO jeans styles recreated in short form like the Indicator Cargo, available in both black and khaki. And true to our word, these shorts aren’t short or tight! With a minimum 13” inseam you are guaranteed to be comfortable all day and all night. The Indicator Cargo is made of 100% cotton twill and will be a bit lighter to wear on those muggy days when jeans are just a little too much. Walk, run, skate, sleep, sit - whatever you want to do - do it in the Indicator Cargo and do it comfortably.

skunk shorts by jnco

Our favorite pair of shorts has to be the Skunk Shorts with a 13” inseam. These shorts are available in black and come with every raver’s favorite white racing stripe down the side. Made with deep, deep, deep pockets, deep enough to fit an iPad with room to spare. We don’t recommend putting your pet cat in your pockets, but if you ever wanted to, you probably could, and he would have quite a bit of room to just hang out. Just… be mindful of the claws.

carpenter shorts by jnco

For those chosen ones who love their shorts to hang out about mid-calf, JNCO First Class Originals Carpenter Shorts are exactly what you need. With our kickass logo embroidered on the lower leg there will never be any question as to what jean company you rep. Bring yourself back in time to when you wore these as a teenager. You were pretty smart to trust JNCO then, and even smarter to trust us now!


In all seriousness, we want you to be comfortable no matter what season it is. That’s why we put so much effort into making sure that our shorts are perfect. JNCO hasn’t let you down in the past so trust us to be your first and only apparel brand when it comes to comfortable baggy shorts.

Diana Restrepo
Diana Restrepo

1 Response


October 14, 2016

Its nice to finally see the jeans I grew up with maken a huge comeback…thank u!!!…for bringin back some of the sickest n most comfortable jeans n shorts on earth…please resurrect all the jnco jeans n shorts from the 90s their were so many to choose from every line was different n unique in its on way…I would gladly spend ever last cent I had to own them all so many many memories ahhh the good ol days ha…I will never bow or break n become one of these skinny jean weirdos u see now a days…its all about style comfort n bein original not hip n trendy…DEATH 2 SKINNY JEANS BURN EM ALL!!!…keep bringin back the freshest clothes on the market n I’ll keep buyin them keep up the good work…Peace Whoop whoop!

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