Baggy Jeans vs. Skinny Jeans

by Bertha Gonzalez July 13, 2016 1 Comment

Baggy Jeans vs. Skinny Jeans

With baggy jeans making their way back into the fashion scene, the argument lies of course, between skinny versus baggy. With the hipster skinny jeans grasping hold of the fashion world, we challenge a design that embodies discomfort, plumber butts, and pockets too small to fit anything! Let’s take a closer comparison at baggy versus skinny.


Skinny Jeans:


  • Discomfort – There’s nothing worse than feeling sewn into pants to the extreme that any quick movements may result in a tragic ending to them, along with your pride. But on the upside, they may force you to put down that extra donut.


  • Useless Pockets – What’s the point? No really…why bother with pockets that can barely fit your thumb? Aside from not being able to fit anything significant like a phone or a wallet in the pockets, it’s this kind of design that forces people to resort in utilizing the next best thing – a bra, or even your socks.


  • Muffin-Tops and Plumber Butts – No matter how slender you are, or how many sit ups you do per day, as soon as you attempt to sit, you’re almost always doomed to have that muffin-top or the good old plumber butt. Sitting down is something you simply cannot do with ease and comfort in skinnys.


Baggy Jeans


  • Comfort – You guessed it! Baggy jeans let you move in ways a skinny pair never could. No need to squeeze into anything here. You can even go for that extra donut if you wish - these jeans won’t hold you back!


  • Useful Pockets – Pockets – the kind you can actually put things into – that’s what we’re talking about. Phone, wallet, your hand, even a snack for later – whatever you need, these pockets will serve you well. Plus, our wide leg jeans even have sneaky hidden pockets for anything you want to stash.


  • Sit with Ease – Sit down with confidence knowing that all of your angles are covered. You can breathe with ease and let those pants do what they’re meant to – make you look andfeel great.


Clearly, there’s no realwinner when it comes to this comparison - just a mere observation of facts. If you’re tired of the hipster trend that doesn’t let you breathe - we hear you! Bring back the 90s in style and comfort with JNCO wide leg jeans. Nothing beats the 90s and nothing beats simply feeling great in what you wear. Don’t suffer in silence with your skinnys – switch to baggy and let your legs feel that glorious breeze once again!

Bertha Gonzalez
Bertha Gonzalez

1 Response

Toker Greenstreet
Toker Greenstreet

July 18, 2016

Fkn rite….big ass pockets are great for all sorts of things….including easy jacking of a 24 oz or TWO…when going to the local convenience store. perfect for carrying a quart of brew when out an about….or easily a half pint of Turkey

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