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90s Movies that Stand the Test of Time

by Amanda Murray August 01, 2016

90s Movies that Stand the Test of Time


Oh the 90s – a time that nurtured punks, goths, ravers, skaters and grunge. It was an epic decade where we witnessed the age of the pager, jumbo cell phones, Dunkaroos, Nintendo 64, and we were all about Blockbuster and chill. And who could forget those 90s movies that made your youth all that sweeter – The Craft, anyone? Let’s take a quick step back in time to honor some of those 90s movies that still stand the test of time.


Dazed and Confused


What better coming-of-age film to watch than this? Teen angst set in the 70s, graduating high school, dulling the mind and thoughts of future responsibilities with intoxication in every form. Even Tarantino said it was one of the best “hangout” movies of all time – and he nailed it. No matter who you are, if you were a 90s teen, chances are there was a character you could relate to.


Detroit Rock City


Teenage aspiring musicians, adventure and a love for rock and roll - nothing sums up the perseverance, love, and dedication you’d go through to see you’re favorite band that your mom just didn’t approve of. This flick was the go-to cult classic for hailing your love for old school rock and roll.


Empire Records


A day in the life of a close-knit bunch of music-loving youth, working at an indie record store, wallowing in their life and sorrows together – how could you not love it? Though being a complete flop at the box-office, it didn’t take long for teens of every age to come across this movie at the video store only to turn it into another cult-classic for the 90s. Indie versus corporate, misfit teens – this was simply your 90s version of The Breakfast Club set in a record store.


The Matrix


Whoa! That’s all that really could sum up your thoughts about Keanu Reeves and this mind-blowing movie. Morpheus, Neo, Trinity, and those sweet sunglasses - this film reached well beyond its time. It depicted technology, the future and everything dark, cold, advanced and heroic that every 90s kid wanted a piece of. Plus epic slow-motion cinematography is still iconic to this day.


Nostalgia goes hand-in-hand with the 90s – it brings us back to a time where you could embrace the simple things like hanging with friends in the summer, jamming away to your favorite grunge band, and of course, hitting up your local video store for a few rentals on a Friday night. Thankfully, we have these classic movies to help us relive those moments.

Amanda Murray
Amanda Murray

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