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8 Things from the 90s You Can’t Believe You Forgot

by Amanda Murray August 15, 2016

8 Things from the 90s You Can’t Believe You Forgot


Remember saving all of your allowance to buy Pogs? For many 90s, kids this was their first exposure to gambling. You would practice for hours with your slammer trying to master the technique, only to lose the lot to the 8 th grade kid who could throw harder. But not to worry, there were always those “special” Pogs you kept at home safely in the Pog cylinder container that were too nice to play with at school.

The Baby-Sitters Club

How could you forget Kristy and Claudia and the gang?! Possibly your first exposure to real novels, the Baby Sitters Club books gave you that epic thrill of mystery and intrigue you needed when you were seven! And they obviously inspired you to go out and start babysitting yourself, it’s the best job on the planet ($5/hour and free pantry raiding for life!) and clearly these girls made a decent living out of it.

Yak Bak

Your BFF recorded how amazing your hair looks on your Yak Bak and you cried when your little brother recorded over it with sounds of him farting. But it’s OK because you secretly wanted to record yourself singing along with the Spice Girls but didn’t have the heart to erase the nice things your BFF said… the drama never ends…

Frosted Tips

Hey…this was cool in the 90s. It’s fine that you forgot about your frosted tips because there will always be your elementary school yearbooks to remind you.

Crimped Hair

The hair crimper was an essential part of any 90s girl’s wardrobe. The crimpier, the better. Hours could be spent getting ready for a dance, the movies, or a Tuesday at school getting the right balance of crimped hair. It was all in the name of fashion, people!

Platform Shoes

Were you ever told you were too short to ride the best rollercoaster? Hey, problem solved with platform shoes! You could easily add an inch to your height in an almost completely discreet way. And of course they looked incredibly cool. It’s a wonder that trend didn’t continue.


You knew you were cool if you had a pager. Now this trend was easy to forget because it was soon replaced with the much handier cell phone. BUT how cool were you when you could say “just page me” and you dropped your pager digits like a boss.


FINALLY you could listen to the Chemical Brothers while walking to school. How could you forget your beloved Discman? Even better if your parents ponied up for a Discman with skip protection to keep your favorite jams from turning into stutter-step remixes.

We’ve got some great things going nowadays ( Game of Thrones, Pokémon GO, what more do you need?) but this decade still can’t hold a candle to the 90s.


Amanda Murray
Amanda Murray

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