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JNCO Kids Interview

by Diana Restrepo February 11, 2016 2 Comments

JNCO Kids Interview


JNCO fans on Facebook and Instagram have gone crazy for the “JNCO Kids,” and we get a lot of questions about these stylish folk who proudly rock JNCO. We decided to do a mini interview with the JNCO kids and answer all your burning questions.


Flapjack the Kandi Kid:


JNCO fan for:7 years

Favorite style:Convicts 50 inches!

Favorite music:90s Gabber, Thunderdome style

JNCO style that should be next:Convicts – Fight for Convicts Now! Also the Corduroys!

Quote:“Just do the thing!”

Flapjack is a DJ and will be performing at Dead World 8 on February 27 in Michigan.

IG: @flapjackthekandikid





Nickname: Big Tiny

JNCO fan for:5 years

Favorite style:Tiny’s Big Ol’ 40s

Favorite music:Techno, The Cartoons, Cherry Poppin’ Daddies, Matt Belsante

JNCO style that should be next:The Crime Scenes! (psst Diego – you may get your wish!)

Quote:“I have a great top speed, but very hard handling.”

Follow Diego on:

IG: @Daygloow




Rita Rabbit:

Nickname: Rita Rabbit (I am a cartoonist)

JNCO fan for:10+ years

Favorite style:Roo, Rhino, Flamehead

Favorite music:Hard Anything! Hardcore, Gabber (since I was a teen), Hard Techno, Schranz, Acid Techno

JNCO style that should be next:More girly releases! Solid States, and a return to JNCO graphics (like the Roo, Comics, etc.)

Quote: “Has anyone really been far as decided to use even go want to do more like?”

Follow Rita Rabbit on:

IG: @Ritarabbitdj





JNCO fan for:5 years

Favorite style:Fatboys

Favorite music:Ink Spots, Scott Brown, Mötley Crüe

JNCO style that should be next:Bulldog pants

Quote: “Ah ha…Suh Dude”

Follow him on:


Audra Jayne:

Nickname:Happy Alarm

JNCO fan for:6 years

Favorite style:Hypnotix

Favorite music:Chiptune, Denpa, Anime

JNCO style that should be next:Tiny’s Big Ol’ 40s

Quote:“Vote for Bernie Sanders!” “Feel the Bern!”

Follow her on:

IG: @ultrahappyalarm


Diana Restrepo
Diana Restrepo

2 Responses


July 25, 2016

I live in Madagascar and I would like to have those pants: what should I do!


May 03, 2016

is this a recent thing this is import\ant diego is my fave xx

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