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Roundup: What Do You Miss About the 90s?

by Amanda Murray February 11, 2016 4 Comments

Roundup: What Do You Miss About the 90s?


We submitted a roundup question asking people all across the America what they miss most about the 90s. Music? Clothes? Culture? Outlook? TV shows? Are they nostalgic for old tech? Or do they just miss the time, place, and age that they were before we launched into the 21 st century? Let’s take a look at some of our favorite answers.

The Television

“The 90s had great television content from the shows that made learning fun like The Magic School Busand Zoomand other classics like Recess, Saved by the Bell and basically everything on Nickelodeon. And once I was old enough to appreciate them, I thoroughly enjoyed shows like Seinfeld, The Cosby Show and The Fresh Prince. They just don’t make shows like that anymore. I miss shows that the entire family could watch and enjoy and to this day I watch Fresh Princeand laugh as if it’s the first time I’m seeing it.” – Amoi Holmes, host of Real Talk with Amoi

 “It just seems like the times were simpler, and people seemed less stressed and distracted. That said, I would not go back in time if I could. I am the mother I am today because of the experiences I had during that time.” - Jane Johnson Wall, Marriage and Family Therapist,

New York City

“New York City in the 90s was electric with creativity and self-expression. It was all about hip-hop, rhyme books, lyrical prowess, mix tapes, album release parties, Biggie Smalls and Faith Evans riding through the city in matching Land Cruisers. It was an exciting time. I truly miss the city during that highly creative era.” – Imani Razat, artist/writer

Low Tech

“I miss having one phone, at home, with old-school voicemail. When you were out, you were out. People were either there or they weren’t! No text messages, no checking phones 8,000 times, no looking at Facebook. Everyone sitting at the table was there to have real conversations. If you were left out, you didn’t know because it wasn’t plastered all over social media. No selfies at the table either. So much to be nostalgic about!” – Anna Gamel, Publicity and Marketing Manager, Amberjack Publishing

The Connections

“I often reference the decade of the 90s as being my “prime” time. It was the decade of my 20s…I had moved from New England to Southern California and was living in downtown Huntington Beach. There was no or Tinder, but somehow people managed to meet each other. Technology was still fairly primitive, and Face Time required two people to be in the same room.” – Jane Johnson Wall

Being Young!

“I miss being the youngest generation in the workplace. Now I am the generation who is complaining about the culture of my youngest co-workers.” – Marilyn, Vice President of Marketing, Fig Advertising

The Simple Joys of Life

“Times were just simpler back then. Part of it had to do with being a kid and being blissfully unaware of all the crazy going on in the world, but it also had to do with the fact that we enjoyed the simple things like playing tag with our friends outside, jumping rope and stocking up on goodies at the corner store. Lisa Frank® stickers and the 64-pack of Crayola brought me so much joy. Those have now been replaced with handheld game consoles and smartphones.” – Amoi Holmes

A Bit of Everything

“I’m dating myself here, but I graduated high school in 1996. I miss a lot about the 90s: Bill Clinton and how he worked together with Congress to get the economy booming. I miss flannel shirts and Doc Martens and Nirvana. I miss the hip-hop: Biggie Smalls, Tupac (I don’t miss the East Coast-West Coast feud). I miss the golden age of sitcoms, and there were so many cheesy ones: Full House, Family Matters, Growing Pains. And in a way I miss not having a cell phone and just having a pager; it was harder to reach me!” – Christine, Freelance Copywriter

“I miss my baby T-shirts and baggy jeans. I miss TGIF, and waiting by the phone to make plans with friends. I miss going to the movies and spending the whole in the theatre. I miss pretending to be 16 just to be able to watch the latest Wes Craven flick. I miss Leo movies from the movies – but not Titanic. I miss having a pen pal. I miss Tamagotchi, those lame tattoo neckless, and pretending to like Sailor Moon. I miss when kids actually had to wait or work hard for something. I miss the excitement in looking forward to something. Cheers to the 90s.” – Melodie Cohn

Amanda Murray
Amanda Murray

4 Responses

Scott timmons
Scott timmons

March 01, 2016

I really miss the plain t shirts n jeans -black with white stitching or white with black stitching along every seam (jnco Graff logo on the shirt pocket and jeans fifth pocket) you were mad fresh in the 90s with that combo on, if I still had them I’d rock it and it would STILL be fly… Please bring back that skater/hip hop line y’all had for a little while then (oh yeah them Corduroy’s n vests too) I want em, Peace.

James Smith
James Smith

February 22, 2016

I have a pair of the white pants with the blue dragon on them and would love to have a new pair and even the black one with the dragon on them they need to come out with the old school jncos cuz I would buy a bunch I mean these new ones are awesome but I mud the old ones so please hook me up

Chris Casias
Chris Casias

February 22, 2016

I miss the Hip Hop scene and how it was easy to find good music and beats. I know some might hate me for this but i miss grunge and the raw emotion of it. I miss MTV and 120 minutes along with Beavis and Butthead.

Mostly I miss the individualism, from clothing styles to music to personalities, people just seemed more unique back then. Nowadays its like attack if the clones. Im glad JNCO is back.

Jason Hicks
Jason Hicks

February 14, 2016

I miss all the old school jncos, the music and all the old school cartoons!! Glad to see you all r releasing the heritage styles again!!!!:) please release the piranhas, slugs, gators,taxi and big rigs again!! Especially piranhas they were one of my favs!!! Also please add 30" ,inseam a lot of friends of mine would buy again if better inseam choices

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