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A Trip Down Memory Lane

by Diana Restrepo February 26, 2016 1 Comment

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Close your eyes…don your Jansport backpack and your Doc Martens…we’re travelling back down your middle school hallway…


1. …Back when bigger really was better.

2. …Back when you tried to get away with the widest jeans and smallest baby tee you could.




3. …Back when skinny jeans were a crime.


4. …Back when JNCO jeans single-handedly phased out the need for fanny packs. You’re welcome!


5. …Back when life was about clothes and music, not bills and blues.


6. …Back when portability was fitting a CD player in your pocket.


7. …Back when you could fly high in more ways than one.


8. …Back when being a comic book nerd was badass.


9. …Back when sexy girls were baggy girls.



10. …Back when you were living the best years of your life


11. …until now!



Diana Restrepo
Diana Restrepo

1 Response

DayGlo StarKade
DayGlo StarKade

February 29, 2016

These were more like high school memories for me – seeing as I was a freshman in 97-98 & graduated in 02’, Lol!
Omg! <3 the Blue Denim Crimescenes! <3
(#3 & #4)
I need those in my life! They’re fire AF!
Please please PLEASE tell me you guys will be releasing them in this color soon!

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