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Every 90s Teen Wardrobe

by Amanda Murray January 22, 2016

Every 90s Teen Wardrobe


Ah to be a teen in the 90s. You come home from school, slip off your Dr. Martens, lay your Jansport bag by the door, grab a Sunny D from the fridge, and settle in for an afternoon of Beverly Hills 90210 or Headbangers Ball reruns, depending on your taste. You were definitely a 90s kid if you had any (or all) of these items in your closet:


Bucket Hats

Bucket hats were the perfect finishing touch to pretty much any outfit…a Friday night school dance, Saturday rave, Sunday church banquet…


Chain Wallets

Your $5 for babysitting or mowing the lawn could never go far, plus you looked legit cool with a thick chain keeping your pocket change and library card in place.



Choker Necklaces

The ultimate accessory, choker necklaces add a touch of toughness to any outfit. They can also be softened with cute additions like the heart ornament seen here.




Combat Boots

Whether you were a goth, punk, or grunger, combat boots made quite the impression. Plus, you could get away with wearing them all year long and all day long, with the exception of gym class.



Light-Up Sneakers

Never get lost trick-or-treating again! Don’t you wish you had a pair of these bad boys to light the way when counting steps as part of your New Year’s Resolution?



Neon Bike Shorts

Flip through your childhood photo album, and we bet there’s an embarrassing picture (or ten) of you in eye-blazingly bright neon bike shorts that clung to your body like glue. Never again.



Pump Shoes

“We’re going to pump…you up!” Ok, so these shoes probably didn’t turn you into a basketball superstar, but the placebo effect is real. A little pump before the big geography test totally helped your score, right?



Rice Grain Necklaces

First off, how cool were these things? How did they get your name perfectly etched out on a grain of rice? However, once the novelty worn off, you’re just wearing a grain of rice around your neck.




Starter Jacket

Way before Pokemon brought “Gotta Catch ‘Em All” into the popular lexicon, did you try to “catch” all the Starters jackets out there? Of course the biggest ones everyone wanted were the Dallas Cowboys, LA Raiders, and Chicago Bulls, plus new expansion teams like the Charlotte Hornets.




And of course, no 90s wardrobe was complete without at least one JNCO item. Whether it was those insane wide leg jeans, the scoop pocket shorts, or the rad tees and hoodies, JNCO was an unforgettable staple of the decade.

Gotta be honest, there are definitely some staples of 90s closets that need to be brought back. Others, well, let’s forget they ever happened.

Images via Pinterest

Amanda Murray
Amanda Murray

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