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JNCO Influencer Series: Daniel “Superman” Villa

by Amanda Murray January 22, 2016

JNCO Influencer Series: Daniel “Superman” Villa


Daniel “Superman” Villa is a skateboarder, originally from L.A. who now calls Phoenix, AZ home. JNCO is a proud sponsor of Daniel Villa, and we had a chance to sit down and talk to him about skating, and of course JNCO apparel. See what he had to say:


When and why did you start skateboarding?


I was five and a half when I started skateboarding and at the time I was just moving from California to Phoenix, AZ. Things really started picking up for me as to really focusing on learning new tricks and committing wholeheartedly to the pursuit of the proper landings when I met my best friend Danny Estrada. Danny also skated, and we skated every day we had a chance to get out, or simply in each other’s driveway, or wherever else.


You may ask yourself why skateboarding instead of something like soccer, track, or something else? Well the reason I chose skateboarding is because I always loved the adrenaline rush I got, let alone the complexity of the tricks and the physics that went into pulling them off. I also love the thrill of taking things higher and bigger every time! Most of all, as much of a workout skateboarding might be, I’m able to always clear my mind and relax as I ride and get in my zone!


I guess you can say I find it pretty tranquil believe it or not, and now that I’m older I’ve become a strong inspiration to all types of people around the world in and out of the skateboarding community, encouraging people to enjoy and excel at what they are passionate about the most. Not only that, but also skateboarders often carry a bad reputation for whatever stereotypical reason when in fact we are no different than someone running a marathon for instance, but instead we are on a skateboard!


As I work my way to becoming a pro skater, my main goal is to continue to be an inspiration to others, and devote my time to doing good things for the community such as food drives and other non-profit events through skate competitions and such if and when possible. I want to show that most skateboarders are humble individuals and that there is a lot of good that can and will come from us as individuals. Both skaters and non-skaters can unite and make a positive change together.


Where did the “Superman” nickname come from?

Im a glad you asked! I was about 14-16 when I was chillin’ with one of my real good friends, Ian Futrell. He’s a real OG like myself from the Paradise Valley Skatepark 602 crew. He says “Ima just start calling you Superman because you’re always flying around the skate park!”


Since then it became my lifelong nickname that everyone all over knew and addressed me for the same reason: I’m always flying in the air around the park with all the tricks I’ve come to learn and do!


Who is your biggest influence?

My family and friends by far are my biggest influence! They are like-minded and extremely hard-working individuals that have always been there to support one another and encourage your progression at anything you choose to pursue in life.


Tell us about the Phoenix skate scene.

From skate park to skate park, the Phoenix skate scene is full of tons of fun, chill, kicked-back individuals, and I always love skating with everyone out here for sure! I feel that skate park for many teaches you a sense of respect for one another which also further develops social skills for younger kids and also teaches them a sense of courtesy and patience toward others.


For me, I wouldn’t be the same individual if it wasn’t for my old crew at Paradise Valley Skatepark and the many others from around the way as well! That I’m certain of!


What’s your go-to equipment?

The perfect setup for me would have to be some of the best go-to equipment such as my Six Starz Skate and Surf Co. Skateboard, my SWORN Wheels, Rock Star Bearings, Independent Trucks, DC/Etnies/eS/Emerica skate shoe, Bombas Socks, IRA (Impact Reduction Apparel) skull ca in my hat for protection, JNCO pants/shorts, some Core water and Ryno Power Sports supplements to keep my going at my fullest!


What is your favorite trick?

As far as tricks go, I have so many favorite ones, but if I had to choose my favorite trick has got to be my self-created trick I call “ The Double Heelix.” It consists of a Fronside Airwalk Finger Laser Flip to Disaster or Staple Gun. I absolutely love that trick which is the same one that has been featured on Thrasher Magazine’s Instagram page, earning more than 48k+ likes and over 7k+ comments in just one dday!


Do you have a trick you’re working on perfecting? IF so, tell us about it.

Lately the one trick I’ve been trying to perfect is a 360 Nose Grab to Fake and it seems getting the right rotation is the common issue in attempting to overcome and perfect.


Coolest place you’ve ever skated?
Goodyear, AZ Skatepark would be one of the coolest vert/transition parks I’ve been to, especially the little to big snake run. Although Paradise Valley Skate Park has always been my favorite park of all time because it has the best flow around!


Nastiest injury you’ve ever had?

There’s a story to this one. So my skateboard’s trucks “King Pin” once had exceeded the actual trick line, so upon grinding at times you sort of stumble and/or skip across. This time, I was on a quarter pipe about ten feet high max. I had skipped as I grinned and thinking I had it, I attempted to go in and somehow slipped out. I ended up facing the quarter pips and slamming my right eyebrow into the ground where a small crack had busted it clean open. That’s what I would say has been my nastiest injury yet!


If you had one piece of advice for a young person looking to become a pro skater, what would it be?

I would have to say if I was giving a piece of advice to a younger person who wanted to follow my footsteps would be the tune of “don’t ever let anyone ever stop/dissuade you from achieving your dreams and aspirations no matter what your age might be. If there is a will, there is truly a way to succeed and I’m living proof of that to the world as I keep progressing to pro sponsorship and being able to devote my time to skateboarding solely.


What are your goals for the next year?

My plans are to keep recording more footage to put out there supporting my sponsors as well as competing more, learning/creating new tricks, supporting the community in various ways (food drive or other non-profit/promo skate events), and frankly anything to rock/support the scene out here in Phoenix, AZ and California which has been nothing but successful so far! Now that I lead into 2016 with nine sponsors, I’m definitely ready to advance to the next level in my career and becoming a Pro Skateboarder officially!


What do you like best about JNCO?

The brand I’ve known for ages ever since I was a little kid and I always loved it and even more when I had an opportunity to get a pair of these beautiful pants! JNCO was the original skate jeans and they stood behind and undoubtedly honor individuality and being unique! It’s a brand that’s worked its way into mine and the rest of the world’s lifestyle ever since they were first around!


How does JNCO align with your lifestyle?

It’s pretty simple. JNCO is the OG of street/skate apparel. It’s obvious based on all the lack of negative comments it lived up to its reputation well enough for all that JNCO stood for, which I stand for as well (maintaining individuality and encouraging creativity). Among that the style has always been extremely appealing to me all the way down to the size, color, logos, and stitching, and that’s how I feel JNCO directly aligns with my personal lifestyle. They just have always had a place with me and looked extremely fresh when I had the chance to sport them in the past.


Why does JNCO work so well for skating?

As a skater I can't be restricted in movement by skinny tight pants/shorts when I'm performing tricks the way I do. JNCO Jeans always had a loose fit to where movement wasn't an issue which is why JNCO Jeans worked best for my skating allowing me much better movement without the feel of restriction.

Why do you think there's a demand for 90s fashion again?
The fashion that JNCO developed is truly one of a kind and is still deeply ingrained in the youth’s lifestyle as is and the favoritism hasn't faded. That fire has ignited again and the love for the fashion is still there full force! The only dampening factor was the unavailability until Feb. 2015.


Now 90s fashion was definitely good fashion compared to some of the things people are parading through nowadays and it was an era when people actually put their heart and soul into their work, product, etc. That's why I feel 90s apparel would stand a solid chance provided the right foundation like JNCO has! 


What's your favourite JNCO product?

This is actually a pretty easy question as to what my most favored product from JNCO is and that would have to be the JNCO Rinse Wash Smoke Stacks, Scoop Pocket Shorts, and also all shirts/sweaters types of course! 


Why would you recommend JNCO to others?

JNCO is one of my all-time favorite Jean companies especially with all it stood behind! JNCO defined the way of life that pushed the limits, encouraged creativity, and upheld individuality! With that said it has earned a place in my heart for life tracing way back to my younger days and now as an athlete I'm honored to be able to stand being JNCO and grow with the company as a Sponsored Athlete!


Catch up with Daniel “Superman” Villa on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, and stay tuned for his high-flying moves in 2016.


Amanda Murray
Amanda Murray

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