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JNCO Influencer Series: II.X Media

by Amanda Murray January 04, 2016

We recently had the chance to sit down with Anton Ransome and Joe Schaefer from II.X Media, a leading audio and video production company headquartered in Maryland. These guys are huge fans of JNCO and offered their thoughts on the music, media, and fashion, and the old school movement.

Tell us a bit about II-X Media. What’s your history? What type of artists do you work with? Any exciting projects in the pipeline?

Anton: We are an audio-video company with strong ties to our surrounding community. We have worked with major corporations like Atlantic Records, Fox 5, and the Library of Congress all the way down to local hip-hop or country artists and local churches. II-X Studios (210 Studios) has just released Jesse James Hanbury’s country project with Venom Beats called Elevation. Mark Hannah, an incredible pop artist, is working on his album Marckgyver. Joe is working on his project as Warz entitled Chasing a Dream The LP set to release on New Year’s. We’re always working with several local artists at any given time.

Can you tell us about the JNCO commercial? What was the inspiration behind it and what message do you hope it communicates?

Joe: We’re trying to illustrate the different jobs and lifestyles encountered every day through our studio. From regular people that might happen to be here, to our employees (who are all HUGE fans of JNCO from the 90s), to hip-hop or country music artists. All united together for comfort through JNCO.

Tell us about your monthly music competition. Where can people find out more about it?

Joe: When it started, the owner of Memories Bar in Waldorf, MD, gave us a chance to hold a showcase once a month. It has since escalated to every single Friday, and we showcase several local artists there. It’s a huge opportunity because where we are, there’s never been a place for local artists to work together. It’s going incredibly well. When all of the artists involved do what they’re supposed to, the crowd is massive. At the last show we offered up a choice between two JNCO hats as a result of our raffle. At least 50 people asked about buying it from the raffle and we pushed them all to The first Friday of every month is an open mic competition where the first place will get a choice of shirts, and we’ll have flyers pushing people to use our promotion code.

Anton: Anyone on our side of the map, you can look up Memories Bar in Waldorf, MD, or Click Nation, or check with us at for information.

Tell us your first memory of JNCO.

Anton: The HUGE jeans back in the 90s! I remember seeing all the skater and rave kids wearing them. I finally got a pair from the local mall and they were by far the most comfortable jeans I’d ever wore.

Joe: I bought a couple pairs when I was in high school, I believe in 98. JNCO always dominated the competition in durability so I gave up on buying anything else.

Why do you feel so passionate about the brand?

Anton: They’re just like us. JNCO seems to be targeting regular people now and still staying with the graffiti. It seems to stick with the package of fashion, music, and art.

Joe: It brings back that feeling of the 90s that everyone misses. I remember going to concerts and getting nothing but compliments and love and I’ve never been a person to care how I’m dressed. I always dressed for comfort so getting compliment on the style something different. I used to always rock the huge jeans during my group’s show back in the early 2000s and I threw people off so much ‘cause I was dressed like metalhead doing intricate hip-hop. Until they vanished, JNCO was a huge part of my wardrobe.

What do you like best about JNCO?

Anton: The hats and the logos on shirts are incredible. Just the J with the crown logo alone says so much. It feels good to see graffiti represented in such a positive manner.

Joe: Beside the incredible art that’s always been on, the placements of logos on jeans and the comfort of the huge legs are untouched still to this day.

How does JNCO align with your lifestyle?

Anton: Every day is about the people we meet, and I see so many people that feel JNCO would appeal to on a weekly basis. It only seemed right when Joe asked about working together to move forward with it.

Joe: I had been trying to decide who to reach out to for a long time and out of nowhere we saw JNCO pop back up online. Business was steadily building so I figured what better people to work with then people like us building on the aspect of art through clothing since we had the audio and visual covered.

Why do you think there’s a demand for 90s fashion again?

Anton: Everybody that remembers clothing from back in the day knows it was more cool. It was always more fun and fashionable.

Joe: I think a lot of people are trying to get back to something more familiar and personal. That was everything to us in the 90s!

What’s your favorite JNCO product?

Anton: I love the hats. I’m a big hat fan and EVERYTHING from JNCO is official.

Joe: The wide-leg jeans. Nothing more comfortable. Wait until JNCO releases the huge ones again, I’ll be wearing them everywhere!

Why would you recommend JNCO to others?

Anton: We love the 90s. JNCO embodies the fashion that we miss and people ask about them on their own! It’s definitely a brand that sells itself when someone sees it.

Joe: I completely believe in the old school movement. I tell everyone they’re the most comfortable clothes I’ve ever owned and now we have the resources to be part of helping it build back up and hopefully take over!

Visit II-X Studios on their website, like them on Facebook, and follow them on Twitter!

Amanda Murray
Amanda Murray

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