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WTF Is Michael Jordan Wearing? Saluting a Baggy Jeans Icon

by Amanda Murray November 30, 2015

WTF Is Michael Jordan Wearing? Saluting a Baggy Jeans Icon

Founded in 2011, the Tumblr page “What the F*** Is Michael Jordan Wearing?” is an exploration of Michael Jordan’s unique fashion taste. Only Air Jordan himself can get away with thigh-length plaid jackets and whatever this ensemble is. While Michael Jordan might have clanged the ball off the rim with a few of these fashion selections, here at JNCO we admire his affection for baggy jeans. Whether it’s court-side, at a charity event, or just walking down the street, His Airness is committed to the baggy jeans cause. Baggy jeans demolish skinny jeans in the comfort and swagger department, no buzzer beater needed.

We like Mike, and we think we can help take his outfits from appalling to balling. Let’s countdown the ten worst Michael Jordan outfits, and then offer our suggested fixes:

10.  And the award for worst outfit goes to…

MJ can take some cues from Julius Erving for how to look boss at an awards gala.

The Fix: Nothing wrong with wearing jeans to an awards ceremony. We think Gorilla Jeans pair really well with the stylish leather jacket.


9. Lost Vegas

MJ’s future-wife looks 1,000 times better than him as they walk the red carpet together in Vegas.

The Fix: MJ can go event-casual by upgrading from these tired jeans to a pair of Blue J Twin Cannons with respectable 26” leg openings.


8. Chicago-No

Michael is so close to nailing this outfit, because a relaxed outfit of jeans and a jersey is always right when you’re chilling with friends.

The Fix: J179 Pipes are the perfect fit when you’re hanging out.


7. Miss The Swish

MJ meets and greets at a b-ball practice with this odd shirt-tuck/distressed jeans combo.

The Fix: Commit to casual with a Foil Crown Tee.



6. Walking Nightmare

MJ looks comfy as ever, but if he doesn’t want to get stopped for autographs every ten feet we’ve got a solution.

The Fix: The world’s most famous baller can go incognito with a Camo Hoodie.


5. I'm Afrayed These are Awful

MJ, you’re a billionaire. Get some jeans that show it.

The Fix: Skunk Jeans are made for the man with swagger and attitude.


4. Jeter & The Joker

MJ’s questionable style choices are put on blast when he stands next to the Captain of Style, Derek Jeter.

The Fix: Show Jeter up with a pair of wide leg jeans that make a statement. Yes, we’re talking 32” opening Kangaroos jeans.


3. Paint Splatter Fail

Everything about this outfit is a mess, but the paint-splattered jeans are next level cringe.

The Fix: Our Mammoth jeans are so fly, you won’t want to spill a drop of Red Bull on them, nevermind a gallon of paint like his old pants.


2. Deep in Thought

We agree with MJ that baggy jeans make great golf wear, but we still think we can kick this outfit up a notch.

The Fix: Too bad MJ didn’t have a Drab Hooded Parka to get him through all those cold winter nights in the Windy City.


1. Baggy Beauty

You know what? We wouldn’t change a thing about this outfit. Do you, Mike. Do you. 

all images provided by wtfismikewearing.tumblr.com
Amanda Murray
Amanda Murray

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