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JNCO Fan Series: Audra Jayne

by Alice Beeketing November 05, 2015 2 Comments

JNCO Fan Series: Audra Jayne


Audra Jayne is an independent graphic designer and illustrator who was born in Seattle and now calls Los Angeles home, after a stop in Wichita, Kansas. Audra is a prominent figure in the Japanese fashion scene in the USA and has been featured on several Japanese television shows, including NHK’s “Kawaii International” and an upcoming show on MYX TV called “The Doll’s Life.”

Audra is a talented artist with a great sense of humor. In conversation, you get an immediate sense of her lust for life and enthusiasm. Audra enjoys raving, reading, collecting anime VHS tapes, playing chess, playing video games, cooking, and bee watching. She is also an avid fan of JNCO and the casual and comfortable style of the jeans.

We got a chance to sit down with Audra and hear her thoughts about JNCO, fashion, art, and music:


Who are your fashion/lifestyle inspirations?

Video game fashion for sure. I look up to Mimi and Nyami from Pop'n Music the most!! It's a music game that’s been running since 1998 and still going strong with Mimi and Nyami leading the way with each year. Several of their designs have them in cute big baggy pants but they always try different things too. I love that they are such robust and unlimited characters. This game has been the biggest inspiration to me! I've been playing since 2005.


Other than Mimi and Nyami I am very inspired by frogs who are slimy and jump very high. Other games with neat clothing and character designs: Jet Set Radio, Space Channel 5, PaRappa the Rapper, Rhyme Rider Kerorican, and Dance Dance Revolution.


What do you like best about JNCO?

The quality of all their clothing is very good and in the case of their girly pants they are actually designed to fit a girl. So many brands back then when they made girly pants they were obviously not tested and they had no idea how to make girls jeans. I can count on JNCO to fit me (not an easy task in today's world) and still be suuuuper comfortable. The attention to details like rubber tags, embroidered graphics, and insane pockets are all appealing to me as well. 


How does JNCO align with your lifestyle?

JNCO are as comfortable as pajama pants, but more acceptable in public. Or are they?? I love to keep it super casual and comfortable in my day to day but not boring so I keep it baggy and JNCO is my top choice. 


Why do you think there's a demand for 90s fashion again?

Around that time is when disposable cameras became commercially available (maybe in the 80s?), the internet became widely accessible, television and marketing was targeted heavily at children. Those children are adults now and I feel like all that messaging left a lasting impression on their lil malleable psyches.


Through various outlets the internet provides we are all able to sift through the past with ease rather than mostly being forced to stay present and look forward. Also a lot of modern stuff is half baked and awful both in design and quality and I am not even being biased here!!! Do you think your sh!tty acid washed skinny jeans are going to hold up for the next 20 years?? Personally I don't have a soft spot for the 90s at all, and all the stuff I like is relatively new to me. I like it as it fits with my taste and preferences now. I didn't care or know about any of this stuff when I was FOUR YEARS OLD.


What's your favorite JNCO product?

I love my lil orange circle fairy bag just because it is such a funny design. 


Why would you recommend JNCO to others?

If you insulated your pockets you could keep your Capri Sun cold all day. Sick cool. Seriously/honestly I'm not big on telling people what to do so I'd say try it you might like it but if not that is fine with me too. Do you.


You can find Audra Jayne on social media, where she goes by the username Happy Alarm. Reach out to her on Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook, or Twitter. You can also become a patron and support Audra’s artistic endeavors via Patreon. Every dollar counts and brings her one step closer to her goal so she doesn’t have to do odd jobs to make ends meet. Give a hand if you can!

Alice Beeketing
Alice Beeketing

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November 09, 2015

Awesome Story!


November 06, 2015

Yay the homie <3

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