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6 90s Games That Need a Comeback

by Joseph Cohen September 15, 2016

6 90s Games That Need a Comeback

For those of us who grew up in the 90s, little did we realize how privileged we’d feel looking back at how our childhood entertainment was formed – just good old fashioned Nintendo games, board games, and best of all, spending time hanging with your friends. Here are some of those epic 90s game that we think need to make a comeback.




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Those awful attempts at drawing, guessing, and a whole lot of intense hand movements - it was like your pictured-based version of charades. Grab your friends, throw in few glasses of wine and you bet this game can make the ultimate comeback for those epic game nights.


Super Mario World

Super Mario World

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To a 90s kid, Mario and Luigi were almost like an extended part of the family - like two uncles on a mission. And boy were you ever going to help them on that mission and fight off that evil Bowser - even if it took you an entire week of forfeiting your homework.





Need we say anymore? When this epic game of the 90s unfolded, kids everywhere were glued to their Game Boys. Clearly, not too much has changed since their recent reappearance via Pokémon GO – minus the Game Boys of course.


T wister


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You rolled it out, spun the wheel, placed your body part on the assigned dot and became entangled with your friends along with a fit full of laughter. This game got us bending in ways we never knew we could.




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This puzzle-type video game was one that challenged you to actually think. Simple, but clever - by utilizing clues about the number of neighbouring mines in each field, attempting to clear that board without setting off those mines could have you playing for hours trying to decipher the best moves to make.




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When you weren’t allowed a real pet, the Tamagotchi filled that void. Whether hungry, happy, or in need of some discipline, these digital pets that dangled from your belt - contained in that egg-shaped mini computer - was for many of us, a first run at taking some responsibility for another “life form,” even if it was in the form of a miniature screen. We were hooked – at least until it accidentally got killed more than twice.


Sometimes, you just can’t beat good old-fashioned games. From the old-school Nintendo games, to a simple throw down of Pictionary that made you laugh and yell at your friends all at the same time – these were the moments that helped shape our childhood. And although some have reappeared with a bang in popularity recently, all of these deserve to come back into mainstream popularity to embrace those simple, old school days of having fun.


It’s no surprise that we’re all into throwback, old-fashioned lifestyle here at JNCO. In your opinion, what is the modern world missing from back in the day?


Joseph Cohen
Joseph Cohen

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