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A History of JNCO

by Amanda Murray September 21, 2015 2 Comments


It has been thirty two years since JNCO was founded in 1985. Launched with a mission to “challenge conventionalism,” “explore the unfamiliar,” and “honor individuality,” JNCO has embodied that principle and much more over the past three decades.

What began as an icon of the West Coast counterculture movement exploded into a worldwide pop culture phenomenon in the 1990s. JNCO has reemerged like a Phoenix from the ashes to answer public demand for durable and stylish new apparel, in addition to heritage items that evoke the non-conformist and innovative spirit of the 1990s.

In the early 1990s, JNCO created a whole new category of “street look,” thanks to ultra-wide legged denim jeans and on-point accessories. The look was both inspired by, and inspiration to, everyday street style in Los Angeles. Wide-legged jeans were relaxed and comfortable, but they also symbolized creativity and individuality.

The relaxed and rugged style quickly took hold with skateboarders, graffiti artists, extreme sport athletes, punk musicians, and rappers in Los Angeles. Goths and ravers got in on the action, and JNCO popularity rapidly spread to similar subcultures in other cities across the United States. By the mid-90s, JNCO jeans burst into the mainstream across the globe, but it still maintained the rebellious spirit of skate culture.

At its peak in 1998, JNCO recorded sales of $186.9 million. Disciplinary school administrators started to list wide-leg jeans on the “banned items” list for failing to comply with dress codes, an indication of the backlash against the non-conformist spirit of JNCO jeans. Combined with a shift in fashion tastes as the bubblegum pop movement took hold, a reimagining was necessary. The company scaled back to focus on designer jeans and graphic T-shirts throughout the 2000s, but JNCO never wavered from the guiding principles of unconventionality, exploration, and individuality.

Intense demand for heritage wide-legged jeans inspired a revival in 2015 of the iconic apparel that made JNCO a household name in the 90s. Now there is something for everyone. The modern products combine the best of contemporary fashion without sacrificing timeless JNCO ethos, while the heritage line revives the classic styles of the 90s as fiercely demanded by the public.    

In addition to those legendary wide-leg jeans, other JNCO apparel includes slim fit denim jeans, drawstring cargo pants, twill shorts, long-sleeve plaid and woven shirts, tees, hoodies, and headwear.

Only time will tell how the incredible JNCO journey continues in 2016 and beyond.

Amanda Murray
Amanda Murray

2 Responses

Dorian Jara
Dorian Jara

October 31, 2015

Know what Jnco wide leg pants should have cargo pockets on the side and keep the famous Deep pockets in their to can you guys please make those I would love some.

toker greenstreet
toker greenstreet

October 16, 2015

hell yea im startin to wear my old jncos again….last week i wore my Rhinos almost all week an today an this week beein wearin my funtations

hell yea…get em out on the street

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